[ECSD HUB]: Citizen Science Frontiers Division CSFD NEXT


ECSD’s Frontiers (a.k.a CSFD) is the first initiative of it’s kind in the Mercury Subroutine. It is for the true nomads, pioneers and explorers. Those restless sailors of the Cosmos’ duty is to explore the farthest reaches and limitations of the Mercury Subroutine. Their ultimate goal is to reach the True Center . On their way, they will leave a breadcrumb trail of discoveries in their wake, all claimed in the name of the ECSD. On this pilgrimage to reach the 257th dimension, these scouts of the universe will establish a network of portals and bases one jump form each center to catch up other wonders of the void and to help in the return to Euclid. (If rumors are true!) We call this network the “The Etarc Hub’s Trans-Galactic Highway.” These noble souls will also report back to our forum with occasional reports of their best finds, with some coordinates and screenshots if they are so inclined. Everything is done on a volunteer basis, so anytime a member feels like stopping this role-playing to do something else in game, they may.

The CSFD is a Multi-platform and game mode organisation, but is exclusive to the ETARC hub also known as the ECSD.

CSFD Headquarers

Platform-GameMode: PS4-Creative & Normal
Galaxy: Euclid
Region: Morshob Adjunct
System: Othrys XVI, Located of the ECSD’s Firefly Star Chain
DTC :707,614 LY
SBC: 051D:0080:01B7:006B

  • Wichukchiinic CSFD/406B019B8D1E/

More info


I will put bases on these planets, as well as Etarcia.

  • Uynaks|Taygetulsotre
  • Ibaiore|Johaitro Aswett
  • Mirabits|Letrau a.k.a Dohiris ECSD
  • Oylest |Hyokminusinog a.k.a Hyokominus ECSD (Hoppers) MacForADay, Embassy?


  1. :fireworks: Yilsrussimil the 257th galaxy and on to the True-Center !:fireworks:

  2. Set up a network of one system outposts one jump from the center of each galaxy.

  3. Maintain Outposts

  4. Seek out the extraordinary and report.

  5. For the shrugging gods’ sake, have fun!

More missions
  1. Bridge galaxy gaps in road. 3-6 and 10 centers needed.
  2. setup and Sync Highway outpost between Platforms
  3. Setup and Sync HQ and base between Platforms
  4. Travel and Improve the Highways
  5. Polish Logo /mission patch
  6. Recruitment brochure
  7. Trans-galactic highway Topic/flyer
  8. Assist the ETARC HUB
  9. Scan Topic makes sure, nothing has been dropped or missed
  10. participation in bi-weekly report includes roll call, Vote in polls, and replying
  11. flag
  12. motto
  13. quick references
  • fast way to travel
  • Fastest ship configuration
  • Fastest freighter configuration
  1. experiment with squadrons and team bases
  2. Find the fabled Sand-worms, Balaron, and Korvax Prime
  3. Make sure BAH gets an Embassy in the ECSD
Personal mission from old topic

Get to the 13th galaxy, caretaker of the Ontiniangp Outpost, and exploration Wyo -Steam?
Create a form/questionnaire to aid in reporting, instigating the Hub Oshoryu -Ps4
Instigating the Hub Xion4012 -Ps4
Finding Balaron and Korvax Prime DaleGrib -Ps4
Get to the True center zsigmond -Steam?
Get to 16th galaxy investigate Easter eggs Virakotxa -pc
Start a squadron on GOG Silverbow -GOG
Make flyer to BAH hub using CSFD highway to get there RubbermanBAH -ps4
For me Sir_oops -ps4

  • Think about making a new topic for each report, because I can not edit OP after so long.
  • Encourage reporting and replying
  • Encourage journal entry type CSFD topics by individual members. like Mad-Hatter
  • chill
  • past the torch?


“ETARC” ,“ECSD”, on system and “CSFD” on Planets as a suffixes. This should agree with the ETARC HUB policy.

Criteria for the suitable outpost for the Highway

  1. System is one hyper jump away from center.
  2. Planet has working two way portal, some portals only dial out.
  3. Portal close to suitable base waypoint for restoring previous. Not sure how puddle jumping will work know.
  4. Point of Interest, Embassy, awesome stats, ships, terrain features, other hubs, etc. this is the least important, given that every major update resets the planets or something.
  5. Is tag correctly.


We have decided to have a varied path between PC and PS4, we will try to sync when we can, but if the roads drift apart in places, so be it.


This is where you report your finds, dosn’t have to be an outpost.
Address reporting Topic
This is where I keep track on the reports.
“OPL” OutPostList google spreadsheet

Current Trans-Galactic Highway Outposts
02)Hilbert Dimension 0805:0084:0804:0194 CSFD Mellon 519405005006
07)Budullangr CSFD @zsigmond 103f00007ffc
07)Budullangr 07FF:007F:0809:0147 Prehistoric Splendor - (CSFD) 31470000A000
08)Kikolgallr 0800:0080:0807:0192 NonexistentParadiseCSFD-ZIG 319201008001
09)Eltiensleen 07F7:0081:07F0:0203 ETARC-Ubtsov-GB-ZIG 120302FFEFF7
11)Elkupalos 07F9:0081:07FA:01CA ETARC-SatKaray-GB-ZIG 11CA02FFBFFA
12)Aptarkaba 0806:0082:0802:0090 ETARC-Muglinski-GB-ZIG 409003003007
13)Ontiniangp 0807:007C:07FD:0049 Goordteer Navis 2049FDFFE008
14)Odiwagiri 0806:007E:0803:00BA CSFD-ATLAS-lodi-GB-ZIG 10BAFF004007
16)Muhacksonto 0805:007D:0804:0093 ETARC-Horingar-GB-ZIG 6088FE005046
18)Rerasmutul 07FE:007D:07F7:0066 ETARC-Zachron-GB-ZIG 5066FEFF8FFF
19)Isdoraijung 0806:0082:0802:008B ETARC=Humbutio-GB-ZIG 108B03003008
20)Doctinawyra 0806:007F:07FB:007F Lyakog-Lukup Eyndenna 107F00FFC007
21)Loychazinq 0080:0082:0807:01FE ETARC-Akooitbil Aoti - GB-ZIG 21AE03008001
22)Zukasizawa 0802:007C:0806:0159 ETARC-Ukuitlapuc-GB-ZIG 1159FD008003
23)Ekwathore 0804:0070:07F9:005E ETARC-L:ugreftruch-GB-ZIG 505EFEFFA005
24)Yeberhahne 07FD:00fE:0807:0202 ETARC-Eachbaho Teske 2202FF008FFE
25)Twerbetek 0807:007E:0801:009E ETARC-Elverben-GB-ZIG 609EFF002008
26)Sivarates 07F7:007F:0801:020A ECFD-Nodoukoye Fugie-GB-ZIG 3200AFF002FF8
27)Eajerandal 0801:0081:0807:0191 ETARC-Agesmechn-GB-ZIG 219102008002
28)Aldukesci 07f9:007D:07FA:01D9 ETARC–Gwerkpa Ayusher-GB-ZIG 11D9FEFFBFFA
29)Wotyarogii 0805:007B:0803:008C ETARC-Moon-Imaxixonola-GB-ZIG 308CFC004006
30)Sudzerbal 0807:007F:07FF:0086 ETARC-Mibosolatuswe-GB-ZIG,
31)Maupenzhay 0802:007F:07F7:0024 ETARC-Uokarsong-GB-ZIG
32)Sugueziume 0804:0081:07F9:007D ECSD-Johiksikat-GB-ZIG 207D02FFA005
33)Brogoweldian 07F7:007E:0801:0208 CSFD-Lagrollagoistin-GB-ZIG 2208FF002FF8
34)Ehbogdenbu 0804:0083:07FA:0104 ECSD-Aoshiunni-GB-ZIG, 110404FFB005
35)Ijsenufryos 07FF:007B:07F8:0049 ECSD-Bleporeonnaw-GB-ZIG 5049FCFF9000
36)Nipikulha 07FD:0082:07F7:0052 ECSD-Azelanisa Warong-GB-ZIG 305203FF8FFE
37)Autsurabin 007E:007C:07F7:001C ECSD-Hekinoomo Major-GB-ZIG 501EFDFF8FFF
38)Lusontrygiamh 07F9:007D:07FA:00E3 ECSD-Coqenz HV724-GB-ZIG 20E3FEFFBFFA
39)Rewmanawa 07F7:0082:0801:0078 ECSD-Hilverdage-GB-ZIG 207803002FF8
40)Ethiophodhe 07F7:007F:07FD:0166 ECSD-Tutkampermos-GB-ZIG, 216600FFEFF8
41)Urastrykle 0807:0081:0800:0080 ECSD-Matskiye Glet-GB-ZIG
42)Xobeurindj 07FF:0083:07F8:001A ECSD-Uymazyke Suelem-GB-ZIG 101A04FF9000
43)Oniijialdu 0800:0081:0807:0103 Eschiehal Jugent 110302008001
44)Wucetosucc 0807:007F:07FE:0093 CSFD-Enshyuejeel-GB-ZIG
45)Ebyeloofdud 07FC:007D:07F7:0193 CSFD-Kunshiihu EakSia-GB-ZIG
46)Odyavanta 07FF:007F:07F7:01EB CSFD-Luvilietzebery-Zunig-GB-ZIG
47)Milekistri 07F7:0081:07FC:0032 CSFD-Ikpelaeek Uyfir-GB-ZIG
48)Waferganh 07F8:0081:07FA:0011 CSFD-Ramgandorya-GB-ZIG
49)Agnusopwit 07F9:007D:0805:002F CSFD-Effridom Wikila-GB-ZIG
50)Teyaypilny 07F7:007F:0802:0081 CSFD-Mapakking Funsis-GB-ZIG
51)Zalienkosm 07F7:0082:07FC:01DB CSFD-Dilgak Suchika-GB-ZIG
52)Ladgudiraf 0806:007C:0802:00D3 CSFD-Dezhongf Lafusi-GB-ZIG
53)Mushonponte 0806-0080-07FB:00E3 CSFD-Hohnsoehm Eplat-GB-ZIG
54)Amsentisz 0804:007E:0806:00DC CSFD-Yiijcamco-GB-ZIG
55)Fladiselm 07F9:007F:07F9:002F CSFD-Satasofn Nugpi-GB-ZIG
56)Laanawemb 0803:007F:0806:0113 CSFD-Ibigenbergm-Iky-GB-ZIG
57)Ilkerloor 07FE:0080:07F1:00D0 CSFD-Ubarida JX831-GB-ZIG
58)Davanossi 07FF:007D:07F7:0132 CSFD-Asovokuzne Uitdi-GB-ZIG
59)Ploehrliou 0801:007F:0807::01F5 CSFD-Gupatolmo Bombra-GB-ZIG
60)Corpinyaya 0806:0082:0802:0121 CSFD-Augenaaletzt-GB-ZIG
61)Leckandmeram 0802:007F:0807:0116 CSFD-Hoffinggik-Omu-GB-ZIG
62)Quulngais 07F8:0080:07F6:0049 CSFD-Talukourat Uizei-GB-ZIG
63)Nokokipsechl 0807:007C:07FE:0056 CSFD-Gasprundma JP409-GB-ZIG
64)Rinblodesa 0803:0080:0806:01A9 CSFD-Gleisto Eioaey-GB-ZIG
65)Loydporpen 07F7:007D:0802:01E0 CSFD-Hieboc BO510-GB-ZIG,
66)Ibtrevskip 0801:007C:0807:0057 CSFD-Brotointast-GB-ZIG
67)Elkowaldb 07FA:0083:07FA:01db CSFD-Avfundari Onye-GB-ZIG
68)Heholhofsko 0802:007E:07F7:001A CSFD-Culiges Minor-GB-ZIG
70)Husalvangewi 07F7:0081:0800:0037 CSFD-Teshma-GB-ZIG
71)Ovna’uesed 07F8:0080:0804:01C2 CSFD-Adlang-Seg-GB-ZIG
72)Bahibusey 07FC:007D:0807:002A CSFD-Xilva-gb-zig
73)Nuybeliaure 0805:007D:07FA:0059 CSFD-Oehiba-Lat-GB-ZIG
74)Doshawchuc 0802:007D:0807:002A CSFD-Farbere-Aoxin-GB-ZIG
75)Ruckinarkh 07FC:0082:0806:00CF DSFD-Guchuoc-Ikur-GB-ZIG
76)Thorettac 0801:007D:0807:00E4 CSFD-Gohalip II-GB-ZIG
77)Nuponoparau 07FA:007E:07F8:0014 CSFD-Ahrtanaa-GB-ZIG

Rights of the CSFD Nomad

One Outpost safe rule/The seal of a Frontiers Nomad

We decided to give are members the right to seal one Outpost they discovered that has been approved by the for the Etarc Highway. I will mark the outpost as approved(sealed). I believe we should allow them to move their seal as they wish, but they can not move to block a challenging candidate. If you want one sealed let us know. If it is your only one it is automatically Sealed. This will ensure that everyone discovered at least one Outpost up to 257.


  • The CSFD is a no apply membership. just join in.
  • Membership in CSFD is also membership in ECSD
  • Any poll must be open for two weeks.
  • Votes will be public.
  • Any member can call for or draft a poll on any topic.
  • You may challenge any decision with a re-poll.
  • Duels encouraged :smiling_imp: JK… maybe for leadership.

Community/groups on platforms

Platform keyword search
Steam “not started”
GoG “not started”
Xbox “not started”

If you start a group above, let us know if you do I will add it to the table.

Signing up

You don’t have to apply, just Reply below with your…

Platform: steam, gog, ps4, xbox
Mode: creative, normal, survival, and/or permadeath
CGN: 1-257 ex. 1 or Euclid
DTC: ex. 600,000 LY

Remember to update progress or just report-in from time to time.

Squadrons and Squad bases

Now that we have Multiplayer, I would encourage squadrons and squad bases up to four for each . Perhaps we can leap frog to centers. Rumor has it that, you must be in the same galaxy to join each others game or you end up in space without a ship. I wouldn’t give your usernames out here, maybe PM each other or me.

Bi-weekly Reports

Will be Bi-weekly if I can mange.

Reports include:

  • logo
  • Intro, greeting and news
  • Roll call
  • Poll results
  • Outpost poll -open for two weeks
  • other polls -open for two weeks
  • Conclusion


If you don’t have a portal address, send signal booster coordinates,

No Man’s Sky Portals Decoder Site

Agreed upon decisions
  • Outposts will be voted on.
  • We decide that we should not promote memberships outside of Etarc, as in branches in other hubs.
  • diplomat relationship ok. like embassy.
  • all votes will be public.
  • One Outpost safe rule/ frontiers seal
  • Duplicate Candidate outpost, limit if possible. Syncing names maybe impracticable just addresses
  • About joining the Federation, the census seems to be “NO!” We will stay independent and separate.
Links to archived topics

Original CSFD main Topic
Original CSFD reporting Topic


Spacing Guild -MacForADay
BAH Budullangr Amino Hub -Red_Genocide
ECSD Etarc hub -PS4 Oshoryu & Xion4012 -PC Polyphemus & sheralmyst
The Cult of Todd -toddumptious
The Galactic Avian Organization -Ospredox
The Shrugging gods’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Glossary of TLA'S

TLA = Three Letter Abbreviation or Two Letter Abbreviation
PTB = Portal to nearest Base
CGN = Current Galactic Number (1-257) or Name
DTC = Distance to Center
SBC = Signal Booster Coordinates
PA = Portal Address
IDK = I Don’t Know
JK = Just kidding
GB = Good Base? zsigmond
OP = Original Post

Okay, OP is not perfect, they’ll be updates! help me, proofread and structure this if anyone is up for it?

Just another instigator,
Sir Oops


The Galactic Avian Organization is willing to colaberate and help in any shape or form!


Added you to the Affiliations/Friends list. Thanks, Osp!


Setup a small base camp at the original locations of the HQ Base. Not much resources, going to set up a main headquarters on the main land.

Restored original normal mode base.

New location. haven’t broke ground yet, waiting on others. back to jumping centers.

Frontiers cloud bar creative mode, on planet near station. underconstruction.

All on ps4.

I plan on getting to calypso’s center, and wait for some more centers from Zig, before next report.


Working my way toward the center, I must have tried 6 or 7 different black holes pass thru them all. No working. I am either getting very unluck or its a bug. I have found 1 or 2 broken holes in my journey so far , but not seven in a row.

@zsigmond @wyo you have any problems. anyone else heading to the centers.

I’ll submit to zen desk, tomorrow. I am also getting the same blueprints at every station now.


I used a black hole once, which worked fine, but only got me like 5000ly closer, which is about 4 jumps with my Experimental Ship. Did not think of trying that again and am now planning to see how my Freighter will do, ONCE I find a better one … Jumped over a 100 times to check for them, but have yet to find a Freighter worth my Units :frowning:

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They worked for me last time I tried. I didn’t record the distance, if I find one that works I will. If that’s the case every time, might as well just upgrade and jump.

Tech is also breaking from time to time. Like it use to, using black holes. Hyper drive breaks, after warping. Blaster breaks while using it. I don’t think that’s a bug, just new.

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I play in Creative mode most of the time (I’m an explorer :slight_smile: ) and I’ve had no issue going through centers since NEXT but I haven’t found a black hole to test yet. They don’t show up in Creative unless you just happen to find one.

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I finally revisited ETARCIA on PC yesterday. Wow, as seen in @Sir_oops’ screenshots, the new planet is actually quite beautiful! Discovered/uploaded an animal and some plants while sightseeing. Found my old comm ball in orbit, that was fun. Also noticed a bunch more on/in the first planet in the system… were those previously around a portal or something? The conflicting discovery info from pre-reset does continue to be irritating though, I wish that was handled better. Still, I would be happy to help build something cool there if anyone else planned to.


Any ideas, Sci-fi references for CSFD HQ building up on that hill. I finished the cloud bar.

If you have ideas for the capital make sure to post in the Hub topics.

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Pst, @frozenbullet7 over here.

It was cool to have a collaborator, Anyone else want to join HQ or my squad to the center?

FYI: I believe We will have to have a base at each center to get peoples saves there. So we are kind of down to Zero Center outposts again, since you can’t puddle jump without someone establishing a base before. I will still try to use the voted and agreed upon PA’s. But catching Zig, via these PA’s, will take myself forever.

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Met up with @Sir_Oops for a while, may of fallen asleep at some point later in the night (sorry), but we hung out at the CSFD HQ and he kindly gave me a brief tour of the planet along with a computer to make a home. Looking forward to play some more multiplayer and hangout at the HQ. P.S. this was my first official multiplayer experience on NMS and it was fantastic. Thanks again Sir_Oops!