Galactic Atlas Website Discusion ( pre-NEXT )

With NEXT about to hit and a new POI based website now available

It seems here is the place to discuss it.
As it is the Etarc Hub is not specifically pin-pointed but it is a larger collection on the upper left-of-centre of the galaxy.
Location: 30BA009B8D1E


The coolest thing since sliced bread!
One more screenshot in case anyone would like to visit before this Iteration ends.
This planet has color-changing grass.

As soon as anyone makes any more discoveries on how the site works, please report.
Remember, you can zoom in for a closer look and more detail.


Is the site displaying just information for Normal Mode? Or every mode? Can all planets be found and seen in each mode?

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I know the hamster wheel base is PC CREATIVE and that the Ripe and Rue Inn is aPS4 SURVIVAL so it looks to be mixed everything ATM.


Yes, and it does not state which it is. That could be a problem if they want to see your base but the planet is the same regardless, correct?

Edit Found community content!!!
Shungka void! :slight_smile: Amazing.

Yes, it seems the ETARC Hub is not showing up either even though my old ETARC system home base is (submitted by @kliktrak) and my current base just off of the star chain.

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I found an error in the website…and the likely reason my submitted planet was never accepted…the site can’t cope with this portal address…it changes the two ship symbols in my address into the circular moon things(the 5th glypph, #4), so they probably thought I submitted an invalid portal address…except it’s valid in game…I traveled from and back to it during SImon’s live event…

No worries we have a few days till launch.

We can get it fixed.


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Agreed. It is swapping out the ROCKET symbol for the ECLIPSE symbol when I put in the Etarc hub capital ETARCIA ECSD Address.

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That is interesting. Must be why it is not listed?


It looks like a coding glitch where the ECIPLSE symbol keeps dropping into a default.
I’m sure they’ll be on it pretty fast…
Has anyone reported it?

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And yet it does not make sense because both my old and new base also end in the dragonfly rocket bird tree glyphs and they are okay.

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Not yet…where would I even report this? The zendesk is for the game itself…not sure if that’s the right place for it.

I’m emailing via the address supplied in the ABOUT section right now :wink:


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It is there:

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Thanks…I didn’t even see the about section yet.

You must have found it by clicking around I imagine.

Done. Hopefully I made sense…

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