Galactic Atlas Website Discusion ( pre-NEXT )

Of course, as it wasn’t coming up with the glyphs it had to be somewhere close to SheralMyst.

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Really? I had no idea anyone else from here was even in that region of space.

Now if we could only find the ETARC Hub…I know @Polyphemus submitted it.

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Found Uietap XIII you can zoom IN!


Should have come up as a region in the primary window as a POI.
Maybe its didn’t because he possibly didn’t mention the region or something…I’m not sure.
Other locations show their logo as an image which is a nice touch.

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I have noticed many of the submissions did not have the “region of space” listed.

@DarthTrethon - as you stated the site is reading your glyphs incorrectly.

@sheralmyst - have you tried the capital planet glyphs? I thought I saved them but haven’t found them yet.

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Can someone post a screenshot

I did and they came up incorrect with the location slightly offset.

My home planet in the ETARC Hub is slightly offset also when I use the glyphs. It looks like the intent of the site is to categorized by “region of space” so maybe any submissions without that info are placed in the general location.

Edit: It

Click on any of the POI Regional Hub icons on the upper RHS and you’ll see the hub logo pop up as their primary image.

Okay. I am gonna go sit with my fingers in the shape of an L on my forehead…cause I still can’t find it. …lol
Maybe it is because it is 7:30 and still 100F here.
Correction 103 F
Anyway, I have to run and pick up my kids. This has been so fun! Looking forward to NEXT!


Hrmm, all of the planet names of my submitted discoveries are different from my game, except for my homeworld which is the only one I ever renamed. I wonder if galaxy resets changed some of the default names, or if they are different across platforms?


The About section has a place where you can submit corrections.

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Done :wink:

I’ll have to look at this tomorrow. Some of the entries don’t seem to appear. I found two planets of mine so far by accident and the Unification day planet lol. I can’t find ETARCIA system. One of the planets I found has been given an entirely different name. Another seems to have a duplicate of one of the 3 images submitted. I expect these errors will be corrected at some point. Heck maybe I even sent a duplicate image.

Its fun though to click on things and it’s going to be great fun to use when NEXT launches. I wonder if we can input new data ‘in game’ so to speak rather than have to enter things on a web browser? Looks great though and simple to use.

I think it is supposed to be used as a way to enter new data. I read that even stories, poems, etc…will be kept here. I don’t know what will happen to the currents entries. As it states, these are in the Atlas Rises Hall of Fame.
I really like the site. Look forward to seeing its full potential.


In may not have made it to the stream, but cool to see my submission of @sheralmyst 's Toxicus Planeta in the ECSD Hub made it to the Galactic Atlas site


Oh now I remember what restarted the logo discussion :slight_smile: we were hoping to have one to submit with the hub details on thay form since it asked for one :see_no_evil:

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I emailed them last night straight after the live stream, I have the same problem with my portal address.

Hopefully they will get a few emails and pick up on it.

The first thing I did when I gained access to the map was try to look up the ETARC hub. I was very disappointed to discover I couldn’t find it.

So I entered the portal address manually. And discovered I couldn’t do that, either. The map won’t accept the correct address. It changes it to something else. I’ve tried numerous times, always with the same result.

I know the address works. I’ve used it successfully, as have lots of other people. There appears to be a bug in the map.