Abandoned Base (edit Base Gone)


For those in the ETARC hub on PS4 NORMAL.


Following a problem with a new base (invisible-base bug), I’ve temporarily returned to my old base location.
Didn’t have the inclination to build a ‘nice’ base as I didn’t know if anyone could even see it so instead I did an ‘abandoned base’ theme.
Should you happen to live in the hub, UHASHI ECSD is a green star off to the side of the upper star chain on the side facing away from the galactic centre. EULO ECSD is my planet. The portal address is in a following post.
Base is marked by a black beacon (maybe) if it’s current or maybe an orange beacon if its my old base or maybe there’s nothing there.
Who knows?
There are some comms from my previous base so you’ll find the location one way or another.

I’ll try to remember to edit this post once I move to a new permanent location in the near future.


Found the (rough) directions from PENTHOUSE System and also the portal address I had to my first base there.



Uhhhh, is this the place where"the fissure" opened up? :scream: :upside_down_face:


No, that was several bases ago. This was my first proper base location in the hub.
I shouldn’t have moved :roll_eyes:


Why did you listen to Emily???


It seems traces of that dark energy are following you from base to base. Maybe something slipped through the fissure and has bound itself to you? Hopefully 1.5 will come with some Eldritch Leech repellant


Ok. Well it looks like my ‘Abandoned Base’ is actually visible to others in its current state (black beacon).
I’m going to set off exploring so I’ll leave it as is so I have a location in the ETARCIAN HUB.
I’ll sort out a proper base at some point in the near future.

Moved but old base is apparently still visible. Presumably it will vanish at some point when servers update but at the time of this edit, it can still be seen by a vistor.

EDIT May 2018.
Base is completely gone.