The Spacing Guild has re-opened for business and is accepting new clients and members!

Hello! I would have posted this sooner, but ETARC won’t load on my PS4 right now. This weekend, the Spacing Guild finalized our decisions for new services we will be offering and are now accepting new clients and members. Below is a brief overview of the services we now offer.

Portal Visits: Simply give us your planets name, portal address and place a beacon on your base’s property, and Spacing Guild Members will come visit your planet, leave you a communication station, interact with you via multiplayer, and visit your base! NOTE: We are in great need of clients right now, so if you are interested in joining the guild, we ask that you first register as a portal visit client, then you can meet the requirements to join the guild.

H.E.A.D.: The Hub Exploration Assistance Department serves clients who wish to fully explore a region of space and stamp it with their trademark. Simply give us your signal booster coordinates and your region name, and we will travel to and begin naming all the stars and planets in your region with your own customized tag at the beginning of each name (for example, Spacing Guild members stamp their stars with the [TSG] tag at the beginning of each name). Members exploring your hub will also keep lists of each planet and star on our website where you can view it, and we will note important discoveries by the star or planet names, such as exotic planets, or Traveler NPCs in space stations.

CoEs: Centres of Excellence are bases made by our members that can greatly benefit other players, such as farms or races. Access our list of CoEs on our website and you can use the portal addresses to easily visit a CoE base and reap the benefits of it.

The Spacing Guild website:

If you are interested in being a client or joining the Spacing Guild as a member, ETARC currently is not a good way to contact me since it won’t work on my PS4 like I said before. Instead, contact me on PSN, Youtube, or Twitter.

PSN name: Merimacdwarf-orc
Youtube Channel: Mac Foraday
Twitter: @macforaday


Here is a special livestream in which the Spacing Guild leaders met this Saturday to usher in this new chapter in our guild’s history.

This is a video that explains our services as well.


Hi @MacForADay

I will contact you tonight on PSN as a client (currently at work). My home world will be a challenge but rewarding for anyone coming by portal.

  • The world is a fiery extreme planet with frequent storms.
  • The planet terrain is mountainous with copious snake-rocks.
  • My base is not close to the portal.
  • There is frequent Radnox along the way
  • My base is currently set up to give resources for 3x liquid explosives and 3 x circuit boards.
  • There is Omegon and Calium both for sale at my trade terminal.

I just completed getting all 16 glyphs yesterday and I was planning to visit base addresses (mostly from here on ETARC) tonight to start collecting decals. Perhaps this would be a good time to pursue guild membership?

As a side note if I did join the guild, would I get an early bonus for visiting you in Survival Mode?

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hey can i join in on this? i just got all the glyphs and would love to visit someones base! Hit me back and ill put my PSNID in.

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I contacted MacForADay on PSN (ID: Merimacdwarf-orc) and let him know that I would like to be a client (which is a requirement for membership). I visited 2 bases after joining last night.

There is also the Spacing Guild link he posted above to check out if you have further questions about the group.

If you are just looking for a “half-day :sweat: can you get there?” challenge like what I described before, you could also send me a friend request on PSN (PSN: LordMarkov). I would be happy to give you my address or even travel with you across my Hades planet if time permits.

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Send me a message or friend invite on PSN. My name is Merimacdwarf-orc on PS4.

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I’m interested in receiving visitors, but can only share coords at the moment as I’ve avoided the Artemis missions thus far!

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No problem! Will do!

Be careful when bringing peeps to ur home planet. I almost had my game %100 corrupt when someone came to my home moon and made a monument right next to a portal. I couldnt play the game for more than a sec before it would crash.

After like 30 times trying,then crashing,then trying,them=n crashing, i FINALLY made it to the atmosphere and moved my base and saved my game! So be careful!

@DaleGrib Pc or PS4?

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You find portals by interacting with monoliths. Find monoliths by building a signal booster. The Artemis storyline is not needed to use portals to find your portal address.

Is that a question to me?

No…sorry. I’ve edited it now.

@Mad-Hatter Ps4

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When you say monument do you mean a module/message thingy or do you mean a terrain-manipulator sculpture?
I’m on PS4 too so I want to know all the issues.
1 restart on a big hame was enough.

Monument is a new object that two players can make together. It looks similar to the multiplayer orbs we appear as, but it is a permanent object other players can see like a communication station.

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