Announcing The Spacing Guild's first game: The Spicing Guild!

The Spacing Guild has finished developing the materials for our W/ARE submission. It might appear like our game uses similar assests to that of No Man’s Sky, but it is a TOTALLY NEW GAME.

Here is our game development website:

And here is the announcement trailer:

Credit goes to @kyle-culver for designing the original version of the logo at the beginning of the video, while Vice Director @BoomstickJoe and member KnightAlese worked on editing the logo.

BoomstickJoe put the video together, and member TNT_Musician did most of the audio. Clips for the video mostly came from my and TNT’s Youtube channels.

We hope you enjoy checking out our game and will consider voting for us if we make it to the final cut.


Totally looks like a game I might be interested in playing. Let me know when and where to sign up!

Good work on the logo and wonderful trailer, well done!


I forgot to mention, TNT_Musician’s (PSN ID) Youtube channel is Skynexia Music.

Happy One Year Anniversary Spacing Guild! I talk more about The Spicing Guild and what ramifications it could have for the future of our community in this video: