Waking Titan - The Discord

Quick plug here, for those that haven’t joined in yet, a lot of Waking Titan related discussion goes down on the No Man’s Sky Discord. Give me a shout in the server and I’ll fix you up some Waking Titan related roles!


That place was scary the last time I was in there during WT ARG, as scary as Reddit was at launch. Not to mention a lot of hateful trolls spewing backwards dirt and hatred towards some of our more unique community members. I’ll stick to the Game Detectives WT discord :wink:

Thanks for the heads up though Orbit, will be useful for those with a bit more mettle than me who can remain unphased by the hate wagon.


It’s all good. We’ve got a load of brand new moderation to help fix that, so hopefully things should run a lot smoother than before. Feel free to come back.


I meant to actually commend the mods during my complaints haha, they were dealing with all the madness and somehow maintained their sanity, some of the GD mods were simultaneously controlling the herd in NMS discord, GD discord AND the live twitch feeds! Their names escape me but my hat goes off to them…

Nah. Place was a toxic nightmare. 4chan level trolls acting like fools. The mods included. They’ll even arbitrarily ban you for criticizing them. You wouldn’t know about that, would you Orbit? :slight_smile:


I think the ARG is anxiety-inducing enough than what went down in that and other Discords last time around. Hoping this place will be the place to be for keeping up on WT(F).

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I went back momentarily, and I don’t see much change.
I used to comment here and there with some info and thoughts, but I’m always ignored and overrun by memes instead. I’ll stick with the CSD forums and like @toddumptious the GD discord.

Also, isn’t that discord channel named “No Man’s Sky” not “Waking Titan”? Bit confusing…

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I believe the channel is called NMS but it has those lil sub-channels too like on GD, so theres a waking titan sub-room (i dunno what nomenclature Discord uses XD) in the nms channel/room/heliosphere/bouncehouse

Things are different now! The mods are rather nice, too, if I do say so myself ^^


They’re called Categories! There is a WT category now, yes, and there’s been a fairly large number of theorizing going on for the past week or so. People have been rather restless though :cold_sweat:

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