L Plays Gaming found a Youtube channel that might be linked to Waking Titan, or it's another very elaborate ARG



Waking Titan is returning! / Investigation

Here is a link to the Youtube channel in question:


Thanks Mac! Couple of people immediately saying they think it is unrelated (I hope the creators will respond to me to confirm if that is the case). One of the things Orbit TV has just mentioned is that the email addresses used are gmail and this would not have been the case if it was official (presumably the rationale is they would have set up their own special domains if it was No Man’s Sky/Alice and Smith.


The comments saying it is unrelated are identical to ones I got on Reddit when I first tried to convince people WT was related to NMS. Until the ARG makers tell us it is unrelated, I’m going to treat it as something part of WT.


This is highly, highly unlikely to be a part of Waking Titan, and you should treat it as such. We don’t want to ruin a new ARG by invading it with Waking Titan. As I said on the video, “AI is a very common root plotline for ARGs, I can think of at least 2 right now that are entirely unrelated to Waking Titan and have that as a plot point.”


Same conversation in two places ha! I’ll post my reply here for the benefit of others:

“This lines up perfectly though! The story is an exact description of the current multiplayer status in NMS and was posted to my channel so you can understand why I would think it related. They have also used some key words like mirrors and unification and the timing is also the same as the WT relaunch… I’m happy to be told that it is a hoax but it has to have been intentional crossover if that is the case :(”


Hopefully it doesn’t end up becoming a point of argument! I have messaged the channel and the Reddit creators and I have also tweeted Hellogames and Alice&Smith (worth a try)! Hopefully somewhere there I will at least get confirmation if it is indeed something unrelated :smiley:


are there actual websites to go to?
I was not able to find anything to point to waking titan.


Dude I have been going mad tinfoil on this


From what I have seen so far, the soundlcloud and image links and the YT channel are it at present.


I usually stay back and watch it unfold but this was posted to me by the channel behind it and it all lined up too well to ignore! The backlash on this video doesn’t feel great though :S


Eh, it seems connected to me. AI’s, creating EXOS for their consciousness, the whole thing seems very Waking Titan to me, even if it isn’t, its a great find and you reported on a cryptic comment on your video. screw backlash. You should see some of the comments I get on my channel, I pin them to the top so my subs can see how sad people are and I move on. I even like and heart the comment. Hahaha.


Yeah I was a bit surprised to be honest, regardless of weather it turns out to be WT or not it would have been madness for me not to raise it given the very clear overlap! It was literally posted by the channel itself on one of my NMS videos and then of course as soon as I started going through I was like this has to be it! I don’t mind a few negative people, I’m generally pretty positive in life so I just get confused by the way a lot of people seem down on everything…must be a really horrible way to live :stuck_out_tongue:


Some people out there lead sad lives and get a rise out of being anonymously mean to others, some are just cynical and negative, and some haven’t been laid in hot minute and need to blow off some steam. Either way, your channel is fantastic, and keep it up because your pretty amazing and watching your lets plays literally makes me happy. So to that I say “cheers” and we may find that this was nothing, or that it was everything. Neither hurt you and one helps you so I will take a shot in your honor and salute the one and only Lplays!!


Cheers to that! :smiley:


Confirmed not to be WT related. We should all wash our hands of the situation before people get too confused. Also, perhaps a change of the video title is in order, seems a little bit misleading if you ask me.


Confirmed how?


How can the video title be misleading? This is literally the title----- NEW WAKING TITAN CLUES??? IS THIS THE KEY TO UNLOCKING UPDATE 1.5!? [No Man’s Sky | Waking Titan


You see all the question marks, that means Lplays is making no declarations here, but merely asking ,could this be, which he is positioning the community to help him answer his question. I do not understand why people are getting bent over his title


Your video isn’t the first video they commented on. This ARG was actually discovered nearly two weeks ago in the comment section of a Markiplier video.

On top of that, there’s really no connection that has been made other than he happened to comment on an NMS video and it just-so-happens to be a SciFi ARG, of which there are many of. I personally don’t think it makes much sense to get people riled up over something with this little information supporting it. I appreciate you contributing to the ARG, but a whole video–with the at least slightly provoking title–and all was a little too much for something with such a small amount of evidence supporting it.