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Has anyone figured out why no major news source has covered the Waking Titan mystery we’ve stumbled upon? When you type “waking titan” into Google News, there are no articles about this, but as far as I can tell, this site and Reddit have both blown up. Why is it being avoided? It’s much more interesting now than it was a week ago.

Right now there’s no really confirmed links to any games, so the gaming media, who would normally report on this, haven’t yet. If we get some real confirmation, we might get some articles.

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Yep like @Matt mentioned unless an ARG announces it is for this or that brand the news outlets don’t do much about it. Just for the mystery factor it would have to be a cicada level mystery. With the amount of ARGs that are released lately it would be madness for them to cover all.

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Eye Sigil was an exception to this rule but it was obvious it had to be something huge - there was no way a random PM could organise something that massive.

But it is directly linked to No Man’s Sky, a game which, until recently, was getting some of the most constant coverage, whether that be good or bad. Part of the puzzle was placed directly in the game world, after all!

It isn’t directly linked to NMS. Aside from the code left in-game (which could be found by anyone with the PC version with ease), there hasn’t been anything else to tie the two together.

There are links, but they’re tenuous and coincidental at best.

I think NMS was simply a “resource”, some way to hide a coded message.

But, it’s still early days yet, and I’m in dire need of sleep, so…

There are some things that kind of stand out for me though, regarding this NMS thing (and I’m a bit sad about that, because I personally have zero interest in NMS itself…)

But essentially, 16 cassette tapes were sent out to certain individuals. The first password was 16, once you took CCXL (240) and XV (15) and divided the two. That can’t be a mere coincidence, can it? Perhaps, the two ongoing ARGs (the one for NMS) and WT are actually just simply, one ARG?

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There’s more than a few links… Atlas is a big feature in NMS and is mentioned on the Echo-64 site, one of the glyphs on WT look like the “you parked your ship here” marker in NMS, and more besides.

However, the NMS one seems to have started and ended with those tapes. This one has only used NMS once, and as a connection.

If we’re lookong at NMS being connected, why aren’t we looking at the radio stations too?

I do hope the two are linked, as I absolutely love NMS and this WT thing has the feel of something amazing, but… I don’t see it.


I’ve mused about this several times over on Reddit. Since that commentary is very very meta it must of necessity live over there, rather than here. Find my posts under the same user name as here. At least one of them directly addresses your current conflicted feelings.

BTW (and I think I can safely say this here without breaking the conventions here in ETARC world):

I’m sure others have felt this, but I’ve not seen anybody put it into words. There’s an interesting parallel between the somewhat outmoded, analog, even quaintly retro, quality of the media that kicked off both of these investigations. The Waking Titan investigation begins more-or-less with terrestrial radio transmissions. The NMS Cassette investigation involves analog tapes. Both of which deliver mysterious messages to us.

Make of that what you will.

Of course, this quickly escalated to some pretty high-tech mysteries. Emily, thanks for providing this forum and allowing us to discuss off-topic issues and technologies that go way beyond radio!


The use of radio transmissions reminds me greatly of a few key events in the game itself (looking for beacons on planets, going on a mission from the Technician to find messages from his family) etc.