Late to Waking Titan - Can I get caught up?

Hey all,

I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky for about 7 months now. Loving it. The only thing I have been playing. I’m wanting to get involved in the exploring community and stumbled on Waking Titan.

Is it possible to get caught up? I am currently reading the Game Detectives site, but it’s a ton of information that really seems pertinent if you are playing the ARG at that time.



The ARG is on hold at the moment. We’re all waiting for it to start up again.

Anybody can join in, but it’s better if you’ve registered with Citizen Science Division (CSD). If you haven’t already done so, you can register here:

Welcome to the party.


Thanks for your reply and the link!

Do you have any recommendations on getting up to speed?


Well at this point it is not clear how much the next part of the ARG is going to tie into what has already been done (this past summer). Are you interested in knowing about the part of the ARG before the Atlas Rises update that is finished, or just the “second season” that is sort of going on now?


I’m interested in what has happened before the Atlas rises update, and getting involved in the second season. I did register with the link that @Polyphemus sent above for the CSD.

Anything else I need to to get involved in the second season?

I did some research and I’m getting inundated with a lot of current information. But finding some helpful resources.


To get caught up on everything that happened with the first ARG season last year, watch this playlist:

To find out what has happened this year in the new season of the ARG, watch this playlist:


Awesome thank you @MacForADay

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Hey @NJcurtis1! Welcome to the CSD forums, Traveller! It’s been a wild ride this past year with NMS and WT.
I understand your plight with the WT GD wiki. Which is the reason I made recap videos (which @MacForADay kindly mentioned in part with his playlist) regarding as much detail in the most succinct and accurate way possible.

And while I appreciate Mac bringing up every video on the subject, my videos regarding the very specific events of Waking Titan (with no opinion pieces or fluff - think of it like documentaries or journalism) can be found in a playlist I created for people just like you and myself, who just want to get caught up as quickly as possible (this includes events leading up to the most recent live drop in NYC that happened in January):

Again, welcome! Always excited to have another Citizen Scientist! :slight_smile:
Good luck, Traveller!

I do not, however, have a recap for the end of Phase 2 and Phase 3 (mentioned in part 1 of Season 2), mainly because of time constraints and the amount of detail those Phases presented in such a short amount of time. The plan is to finish those pieces eventually. You can defer to other videos (Mac’s colorful playlist) or the wiki for that. :wink:



Hey man, thanks so much for replying! I was just watching your recap videos. Very cool that you answered. They recaps are really helpful and I am getting up to speed.

Glad to be here!


Can’t remember if this is noted in the vids. Nice to keep handy if your internet is like mine and is sometimes too slow for anything but text. It contains answers to all of the puzzles


Thanks! I will check it out


I went to the WT wiki. They have it all laid out well. Not sure if that what the link above was.