What is WT and how can i get invovled?

I was one of many people who have slowly come back to no man sky after a disappointing launch. But I’ve been hearing slot about this ARG and im interested in participating, so how do i?

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…will bring you up to date with where we are right now.
At the moment people are recieving Atlas Passes in the mail from the previous part of Waking Titan.
Welcome to Atlas-65 (Formerly ETARC).


The likes of @LPlaysGaming, @MacForADay, @kyle-culver, @OrbitTV etc also have some great recap videos and are stonewalls of the community here with all the content and information they wrangle together in their videos, not to mention some great live streams and events, highly recommend subscribing to them on youtube and watching their WT recap vids. I’m sorry I can’t provide direct links, in transit and my phone sucks for more or less everything.

As for a disappointing launch, sorry you were disappointed but happy to see you’ve returned to see the progress this game has made.

You’ll find very few people here on ETARC that were disappointed at launch (we’re pretty good at wrangling in our hype and expectation levels after a few decades of gaming) and when you take a step back and you view the development of NMS as a whole and the ethos of Hello Games as a studio, I’m sure you’ll see there was a lot of mismanagement on the gaming medias side of things and the post gamer-gate behaviours they’ve adopted which, is essentially, spin everything into sensationalism and watch the revenue pour in.

Best thing about NMS is the community and the stories we’re creating within this lore rich universe this wonderfully small team has bestowed upon us :slight_smile: Theres even been some EVE online style in-fighting/genocides between the Amino and Galactic Hub (both members of the federation) over some silly misunderstanding with an Galactic Olympic Event designed to bring the hubs together. Is good popcorn material!


If you wish to participate, I would make sure to register with the Atlas Foundation Citizen Scientists through this link: http://csd.atlas-65.com/

Then I would get up to speed as mentioned by others above. Make sure to check if your terminal is up to date on http://www.wakingtitan.com/, especially the glyphs shown at the bottom. If you have the first 10 glyphs out of 15 shown red, you should be ok, if not, make sure to get the correct answers to those missing. You can check the bottom of the image here for all the known answers.

You may also wish to fill in the last form we got access to, through the NY live event (Phase 4) by entering the STATUS command on wakingtitan.com, which redirects here:
http://bit.ly/cs-ra. Full summary of the last live drop event can be found here (top post) and includes the answers for the form.

Welcome to the Citizen Science Division :wink:


Thank you for the mention Todd!
Hey GreenMario! Welcome to The Citizen Science Division! This is, in my humble opinion, the best place to get all things No Man’s Sky and Waking Titan . Mad-Hatter’s link to the WT wiki is where I get a lot of my own info for the recap videos I’ve done up to this point.

More specifically, I create cinematic NMS videos, stream every now and then on twitch, and of course create videos that recap the events in Waking Titan. I put together a playlist which I try to make short and to the point. Although I will admit my coverage of the end of Phase 2 and all of Phase 3 (soooo much happened during that short weekend) are not currently present.

WAKING TITAN ARG Recap Series | GAMES: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJG-TR0XPQ4ZzGLyaOpvuUeVuzVt1jrx4

Other great resources for things happening are @CobraTV, @PeacefulGamer, @SirianGaming, @legacyzero. But that’s obviously a lot of people combined with who Todd mentioned!

Take your time. We’re currently resting - er, sleeping - until the next thing happens. Again, welcome!!

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So the link in the email i got adter i registered my email address to the citizen scientist survey doesnt work anymore. The website it leads to says the survey doesnt exist anymore can i still get a designation code?

With the survey being taken down, it indicates that they ended signing up for an Atlas pass. It still works to register your email though, which will get you registered as a Citizen Scientist. Whether you will receive a user ID or designation remains to be seen and depends on what the ARG creators have planned for us.


Thank you, kind of sucks that i cant get a pass but i cant wait to see whata next for WT


So wakingtitan.com isnt giving me the prompt for the sigils just the glyphs, do i need both?

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The sigils were part of the early phases, they are no longer used or needed. All you need currently is the glyphs at the bottom of the WT website (terminal). There are currently 10 total to be unlocked to be up-to-date.


Thank you! i used the image from your earlier message to enter the PW it was very helpful! :slight_smile: