Waking Titan - All Glyphs / Sigils / Passwords

Below you will find all Waking Titan glyph, sigil and password solutions to date.
I will update this as new ones unlock.


Thanks! I remember having trouble finding them last time.


I forget…was there ever any explanation as to why glyph 3 was skipped?

Explanation of what I mean by ‘glyph 3’…

I remember noticing during Phase 1 that the links for the glyphs on wakingtitan.com went from /archive-2 to /archive-4, and how weird it was that they would do that. It even gives you a non-ARG error page when you try to visit wakingtitan.com/archive-3 (504 gateway error), as opposed to the “YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THIS” message you get if you try to visit anything higher than /archive-11 (what we are currently calling Glyph 10).

As I was making my way through the main quest in NMS, I got to the part where you get the message “DATA INJECTION // SEQUENCE RECEIVED // SOURCE UNKNOWN” every time you warp. After a couple jumps, I noticed that the symbols shown on the screen for each warp were the same sequence of glyphs (in the same order) as on wakingtitan.com. I pulled up a picture of all the glyphs on a portal stone (see below), and put the glyph number next to each glyph (in the order it appears in the quest mentioned above).


One glyph was a link to the ETARC site (here) that eventually morphed into Atlas-65.

Nr 3 was in the middle of the hexagon in the first phase. It pointed to this forum.

Of course @Mad-Hatter was faster


In post 1 (above) you can sort of see it in the centre.

Yes, you’re right. I see it.

It’s still bothersome that they chose to order everything the way they did.

I wonder what happens if you dial in the sequence in a portal…? Surely someone has tried it…or maybe in reverse (mirror)?

Edit: Come to think of it I might have tried it myself ages ago… I can’t recall.


Updated to include the latest found glyph solutions. Everything is now unlocked, so this concludes my work on this.

Great work everyone!