Secret 3rd glyph?

Looking at the WT source there are glyphs 1-16… Glyph 3 however is not listed in the source, but does exist:

Something we need to unlock?

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Ha, this is interesting too:

Visit the image link without the image file

glyph 3 can be found in the middle of the 6 sigils, and links right here, to the ETARC forums


all 16 glyphs


nice! very cool

nice catch!

I don’t know if anyone has caught or mentioned this yet, was unsure where to post it exactly as well.
Was playing NMS last night, came across an Atlas interface and noticed this.


Where in the interface was this? Hopefully that means the symbol on waking titan is not a crate.

This is the actual entry where you come in with your ship. I did an about face after landing just to check out the interior, having never really focused too much on it before. Then I noticed this.

I have never noticed this before amd have completed the atlas path. Makes me wonder what else I have missed!

look up the black cube of saturn while understanding saturn is named Cronus who its Atlas’ brother. Both are titans but only one that signals the end coming is when Cronus gets woken up. This is real mythology. I understand this is ‘just’ a game but with al lthe warnings about you dont understand what your doing and stop helping atlas… Idk… Is it really impossible that with everything we dont understand about the entire universe that we might being pawns in a plan to wake up Cronus? IF and its a big if but IF we are pawns doing this brings about the end of world as we know it usually accompanied by a global cataclysm and reset. Is it worth it if its real? Is this ‘game’ worth doing if it unwittingly triggers the end of the world? Just food for thought.

next time you see a korvax, zoom in on its outfit. same shape all over their suit

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Hum… So that would be the symbol of the convergence???

Maybe… This third glyph appears to be glyph-zero… Make sense cause we need a 0 in hexadecimal… Working on a deciphering key now that some glyphs combinations correlated to hexa-addresses of planets are starting to come out…