The Glyphs, and what they could mean


I’ve been looking at the sets of Glyphs that show up on the bottom of the page of the Waking Titan website, and have been wondering what those could mean, and if they have any bearing on the types of tasks we might have to do to activate them. For the first set we have what looks to be

  • A sunset over water ( maybe to do with the whole time sensitive thing we had to do with the email address)
  • A symbol of some sort ( have no idea what that could be)
  • A rocket
  • A pyramid maybe?
  • Another thing I don’t really know what it could be

Set 2

  • A boat/ship
  • Maybe a google maps marker or something
  • Could be a moon? I don’t know
  • Looks like a dinosaur, so maybe its something to do with archeology ?
  • This last one looks like a snow flacke maybe. Could have something to do with cold weather?

Set 3

  • Looks like an insect
  • This second on also looks like an insect but a winged one
  • A cyclone/tornado/hurricane
  • A shoe
  • A mask of some sort?

If anyone has other ideas of what they are and what they could mean, we should at least try to get some meaning out of them.


My interpretation of the sets are as follows:

Set 1

  1. It certainly is some sort of sunset over the water though it could also end up being a sunrise, its really a matter of perspective or lack of a frame of reference.
  2. Looks like an exploded out triforce symbol of some sort, I feel like I have seen it somewhere before but I can’t locate it. Triangles have alot of symbolism behind them so it could be anything.
  3. Could be a rocket or even some sort of aircraft
  4. This looks like it could maybe be some sort of teepee almost, it could also be some sort of radar or communication facility based off what could be antennas on the top.
  5. This could maybe be a fish or whale of some sort or it could possibly be an airship/blimp of some kind.

Set 2

  1. Clearly a boat of some kind though that really tall mast or what it has looks off, don’t know of a ship that has that sort of thing aside periscopes on subs,
  2. Google Map marker though unsure why it has a line going through it
  3. A moon shaded differently in halves, maybe its referring to the light and dark side of the moon? Possible even the line where the two meet?
  4. Giraffe, Dinosaur, Scorpion, take your pick
  5. This one is really curious as its shaped like the large glyph on the page. Even more curious is it has a dot where the maze and red glow are located on said large glyph.

Set 3

  1. And insect of some sort, I would say spider but it doesn’t have 8 legs
  2. Winged insect
  3. Hurricane
  4. Looks a bird of some kind to me
  5. This seems like some kind of South American Native symbol (Incans, Aztecs, etc).


Maybe a google maps marker or something

I guess that makes sense given the context, but the first thing that came to mind was one of those scientific balloons. Which could explain the line in the middle, @Bruteforce123


I also thought that this was a balloon


Now that i see that it definetly seems more like that balloon than the map icon


Yeah that is also strongly possibly a balloon, we’ll have to see fully once that glyph is activated. I got a suspicion that the glyph might represent the puzzle underneath it though with only one activated so far I don’t got alot of evidence.

What I have so far is the first glyph is representing beginning, the start of a new day (Hence the sun rising over the horizon) and we ended up with the beginning observations of our progress. This could be completely wrong but its my going theory. So based off that the balloon/map marker glyph could end up having a puzzle related to the weather or needing to read maps, the boat could deal with nautical puzzles, etc.


Okay, so here’s what I think… Take these with a big grain of salt, I’m told I have an active imagination :wink:

Set 1

  1. a turtle! But actually it does look more like a sunrise or sunset, over water.
  2. triforce, duh.
  3. at first I thought it was an airplane, but the wings are too far back. So it’s a space shuttle.
  4. looks like maybe a tipi?
  5. either a blimp or a whale. I’m leaning towards blimp.

Set 2

  1. a boat
  2. hot air balloon
  3. the moon, maybe? Also sort of reminds me of an archer, in an abstract way.
  4. this kinda looks like ogham, to me.
  5. I think this one is referring to the present moment. It looks like the hexagon on the homepage right now, and there’s a marker in the zone we’ve got access to.

Set 3

  1. beetle
  2. dragonfly
  3. vortex
  4. bird
  5. two people talking to each other


Interesting you should say that about ogham, Emily. The symbol in the middle looked like rongorongo to me…


They all sort of have that look to them, now that you mention it.


Yeah it’s true, the Scarab beetle is a hieroglyph as well, there’s a chance these could be ancient languages…


Coincidentally Rongorongo was supposed to have been what HP Lovecraft based his R’lyehian language. Which is something ‘old gods’ appears to be interested in! Do you have an interest in ancient languages then Emily? Not a lot of people have heard of ogham.


That one, as well as the bird one, reminded me of the Nazca lines.
In fact, I came across some “theories” linking the lines to constellations, especially the spider one, to Orion.
It is kinda far fetched, but interesting.

Edit: This is mere speculation and should not be taken as fact.


Not really, but one of my friends in high school went through a really weird ‘druid’ phase, and some stuff rubbed off on me. :stuck_out_tongue:


The 5th glyph in the first set actually looks kinda like a lamp to me. I have a few blanks on what the other glyphs could be, so I think I’ll post all my interpretations once I’m clear on what the others look like :smiley:


Regarding the icons/glyphs - the first one goes to a link labeled Archive-1 would that mean we could call the first icon Archive-1 and along with that - who is archiving what?


Also - the middle symbol seems to link back to this forum.

Someone is watching

Wait, really? that’s nuts, why would they link here? I mean I guess a lot of folks are working in this forum to solve it but… When did that change, do you know? Sorry, I’m really excited and a little bit freaked out, I know we were mentioned in the PDF but this is something on a totally different level.


It changed sometime in the past 24 hours, that’s the best I can say (based on the last time I logged in). I was monitoring the site for change automatically, but messed up the way I did it, so no time-stamp unfortunately.


we are getting closer to 8th June in UTC though, so I imagine they wanted to make sure any other ‘participants’ being brought in could find other people and get a run down on what has happened. It makes sense based on the contents of the PDF


I know I was playing around with the site yesterday afternoon EDT and it was not linking - so sometime after that and right before I posted here.