Locked Glyphs theories

I thought I’d create this topic to talk and theorise about the glyphs that have not been unlocked yet. What they may be/mean.

I think the next one could be a marker of some sort, much like the ones found on google maps.

I suggested the next glyph could be a DaVinci type sketch.
I thought it looked like a balloon and then while looking at the DaVinci (Hammer) Codex it appears to be a drawing of a planetoid with the shadow line marked. Honestly, it could just as easily be a balloon…or an ice cream.:grin:

The one after it also looks like a DaVinci sketch ; a shadowed planet or eclipse.


That’s the trouble with these glyphs they could potentially be anything lol I’m sure they are linked to the process that leads to there respective passwords tho, it will be interesting to see if any theories here match when they are unlocked and solved :smiley:

I cleaned them up a little.


Nice work dude! They are quite hard to see on the main site

In wondering if the mood one could relate to multiverse, it looks like there is water across the middle and the crescent moon also depicts night and day as in the pic on the multiverse site

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So we’ve got a sailboat, an ice cream cone, acrescent moon, a dinosaur… and a pizza with only one pepperoni on it.
Followed by; a crawly bug, a winged bug, a vortex thingy, a bird and a…ummm I’ve got no idea what that is? Two heads? Another bug???


I’m struck by the fact that there’s 15 in all. And yet everything we’re being told relates to 16. I wonder if there’s a 16th “master” glyph we’re supposed to find.

I think I’ll make another graphic, including all 15. Back in 10 minutes.


There were 16 glyphs. The one you can no longer see was in the center of the sigils and led to the Etarc forums…here. Archive-3 is missing because that was it.


There are 16. Don’t forget the one at the center of the sigils.

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That’s right. The link to ETARC. What was it…I cant remember.
16 seems to be the ever recuring nymber.

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Praise the Sun.

edit: image was originally posted here: Mercury Subroutine - Phase 1 (all sigil and glyph solutions)4
And appears to be made by @DevilinPixy


That’s cool, a really good key for people that wanna catch up that are just joining, great job! :+1:

I didn’t make this, mind. Just googled it. Pretty sure it comes from here given the URL.

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So the sail boat was kind of related to knots which lead us through the last part of the puzzle.

The next one does look like the shadow/globe drawing by DaVinci.
The eclipsed or shadowed planetoid is also very DaVinci looking.
Check out the Hammer Codex (or something like that)
Or perhaps it’s an inverted cone shape.

The dinosaur looking one has a bit of a caveman sort of vibe to it.

The pizza looks like the hexagon that pops up a lot in NMS but the significance of the ‘slice’ with the dot has me scratching my head.

Hey nice details.
Could have used that when I was racing to catch up.

Here ya go…


The final one reminds me of this:



The only significance I can attach to the glyphs so far is that they may be an alphabet. Like hyeroglyphs.

We Stargate now.


So the first five were: a sunset/sunrise horizon (what I thought was a jelly fish :smile: )
A group of triangles… complex maths maybe?
The rocketship has a ‘journey’ vibe to it…
The next one is hard… is it a teepee…or two rabbits having a cuddle… Don’t know about that one.
The last one certainly has the two head look to it.

The journey and maths ideas don’t line up with the actual answers per glyph so maybe they mixed them up a bit…

I mean the very last one looks like heads.
The last one of the first set looks like it might be a fish…what do you think?