4th glyph unlockable?

What if 4th glyph was already unlockable?
I have this feeling we may have overlooked something… Any thoughts?

The 4th glyph is currently unlocked. What do you mean it was already unlockable? At what point in time? We do not know the password because the parcel in the picture has not arrived yet, to our knowledge.

Cobra claims it arrived. I can’t link, but you can find it on nms subreddit


:open_mouth: It’s really happening! I have a feeling you’ll soon have your answers @William .

Link for the lazy:

Interesting that Cobra was the one to get the tape. At least we hopefully won’t have a problem with a bad audio transfer this time.


Even though we have been able to input answers for the 4th unlocked glyph, without any clue to what the solution may be, it would be really hard to unlock by guessing. Trust me, many have tried, including me, to guess and try possible answers.

Depending on the code doing the check for answers submitted, it may even be blocked from accepting a possible correct answer until further clues have been provided.

So basically we have all been waiting for additional clues or puzzle(s) to figure out the correct solution for the 4th glyph, which is likely provided with a package that was sent.

Considering package 9/16 just arrived, we will soon be able to try figure this one out.

He probably got the tape because of the massive following from both Waking Titan and NMS. Definitely a smart choice for a connection reveal.
Y’know, can you really get great audio from cassettes?? lol

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@MacForADay : I meant solvable.

12/16 was a brand new deck and cord. It was mono. Sorry. But I mean… That horse has begun to rot…

You could poop some people a golden turd, and they would complain about the shape.

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Hahaha! XD

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