Passkeys for Waking Titan as of 2017 June 14 (Informational)

Here are the current passkeys to be entered into the website:


2: 97C-303N-5884-P


1: 16

Next Update

Saturday, June 17, 2017 @ Puerto Rico WAEL 96FM (Radio Station)

This is the extent of our progress for the time being. The remaining glyphs and sigils appear to be locked until Saturday, June 17th, 2017 when the Puerto Rico radio station WAEL 96FM will presumably broadcast a new message related to the Waking Titan ARG.

I think we are at a stand still for now. I just wanted to post this information in a clear and concise format for those who may have been confused like myself and scrambling to solve puzzles that have already been solved.


What time can we expect the radio station to broadcast? what time did the last one? I wanna make sure im awake to help, Australian Here.

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Might indeed help the people just joining the search!
I think it’s a good idea to follow the common language/definitions though:


I should point out that glyphs aren’t restricted by the radio date time as far as I can tell.


@ohwell, thanks, definitely. That’s a great idea. Thanks for doing the editing for me, too. :wink::+1:

I agree it’s basically at a stand-still for now. We have found a few more easter eggs on the website like a Shakespeare quote and the fact that the Echo logo is the same as a real-world business called but none of it seems to be a solution to anything. Most likely we won’t find anymore real solutions until Saturday, like you said.

@StringlessPuppet, I’m not sure what time it will broadcast. From what I gather, the previous broadcast was repeated several times throughout the day. Hopefully, someone will correct me if that is wrong or provide a more definite time for the broadcast if they know.

Below is a website that shows all of the various significant radio stations that will be part of the Waking Titan ARG and which are active. It also provides links to websites where you can listen to each radio station.

@Matt, you’re absolutely right. I’m not sure that the glyphs are restricted by the radio broadcasts. However, the 3rd glyph is currently locked as far as I can tell… so they might be? I don’t know. I guess that was a bit of speculation on my part and still a bit of an unknown. Thanks for pointing out that possible discrepancy though. It’s good to keep things clear for others. Feel free to add any other significant details or incongruities as you discover them. Thanks.

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I’ve been constantly refreshing to see if any of the glyphs get activated before Saturday on the off chance that’s possible. I have a feeling, but we’ll see soon enough. :person_shrugging:

I think @matt has a bot to monitor them!


I do: I get the feeling at this point that I should make a twitter account for it since people aren’t always on discord to see the message.


Oh, nice! That would be one of the very few bots I’d pay attention to. lol

That sounds really useful!


That would be a really good idea, actually. I prefer not to have discord on my phone but I do have twitter and check regularly when all I have is my phone. That would help a lot, I think.

Done, just in case you haven’t seen it @kyle-culver, @emily, @boozecoyote.


What is the link to the discord, exactly?

Here you go, Petrus:

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Thank you!