New glyph open

I’ve noticed that all coordinates in the PDF released with the last glyph point to observatories…is it maybe a hint to find the passcode?

Sounds like it, I’ve been busy this weekend so I’m unable to dig but definitely worth collating observatory names etc if someone can.

Sorry if this is useless but there is a book called ‘The Passenger’ by Lisa Lutz, the main character in the book is called Tanya DUBOIS?? possibly nothing but it’s fun digging!

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We probably will have something more at the end of the calibration. It was 0/8 when the Turing test arrived on Twitch so we need to wait for a 8/8 but it can be long.

which coordinates?

it might take days. That’s probably the number of cities calibrated…we need people to go to those locations and upload pictures…the fact is…I think we can find the passcode without waiting for that to happen.

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nice, thanks!

If it is something like "97C-303N-5884-P " (2nd glyph) good luck :smiley:

4 cities alreadty red, maybe it won’t take so long

holy moly…I obviously underestimated the power of CSD


And here I was thinking this was going to take forever. Maybe we’ll be done by tomorrow afternoon.

What are the words on the photos of the observatories?

nickname of the posters

Could someone please tell me where the photos can be seen, and how we know about that?

Were they on the twitch stream? I was driving and missed all that

There is an obvious link between Atlas and the heavens…maybe there is a clue in there somewhere…

The glyph is observatory just tried it and it worked.

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I tried yesterday and it didn’t…now it works…weird…anyway thanks you mate!

I guess it works now because all 8 cities have been calibrated…

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