Project WT updated: Padlock 2 open


Check it out.


But what does it want?.. :confused:


Maybe it is turing responses?


Los Angeles, Toronto, Dublin, Paris, Stockholm, Moscow,
Capetown & Melbourne

Are what I’m seeing


That would mean they tracked the emails?


:astonished: …just tossin ideas :wink:


The twitch stream also has updated to show 0/8 with the map as a background on one of the screens.


Makes sense because remember the Turing Test is timed.


new glyph unlocked as well…


New pdf for the 8 cities to take a pic


Maybe there was some kind of a live drop with that picture in each of those cities?


What’s the theme this time?


They are all observatories…


So do we post pictures of observatories based in the places lit up?


It looks like they selected 8 cities from calibration 1 (that all got 100%), and each of those cities has the lat and longitude from the PDF that directs you to an observatory, where you need to take a photo of the atlas symbol and email it to waking titan.


I guess I’m taking the bus to blanchardstown tomorrow. I swore I’d never return! WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS COME BACK TO HAUNT ME, BLANCHARDSTOWN?!




where is this pdf found, please?


a new glyph has been unlocked, thats where


Was just gonna ask that lol great minds :wink: