New site:


Looks like some new stuff here, folks.


look what i found there


The PDF image!


Well, now we know we know beyond all shadow of a doubt that it’s a ship of some kind!


I think this image has something to do with the one on superlumina site


Atlas lvel 4 pass!


This is in the javascript:

countdownTarget: “2017, 8, 30”,
countdownExpiry: “We’re about to start”,


Awesome concept art. Look forward to the update


But where? I don’t see it on the page.


It is in the page source next to the picture of the stars. Also, the Data-00a (stars)picture is called map.jpg


Thank you, I’ve found it :slight_smile:


Really happy to finally see the full picture from the pdf. Nice artwork.


Hmm, not sure where im supposed to sit though.


@Maff In my wildest dreams, this panel would swing down into a ramp. When closed the inner surface would function as one big display a la Titanfall.

But you may be on to something with that drone idea. I imagine the drive probably takes up the whole spherical section. Hmm… I wonder how big it’s supposed to be?


Yeah i cant figure the scale of it. Seems very strange to be so ornate though.


I’m thinking that maybe they will give that ship to anyone that participated in the ARG or received the atlas pass v4.


Maybe it’s owned by a 4th race we don’t know yet, or maybe 5th if we as a player are the 4th?


That seems to me like a consular ship… The “Forth”, or Grey Diplomats are upon us.


Theres an interesting theory on Reddit that the ship could actually be a key for the portals.


I worked really hard to try and fix that image…so happy to see it