Just received my survey!


as the topic states… anyone else?


yup done and done. I think they are testing us.


Very odd questions. I love it.


Got mine too, interesting questions.


Did you notice your choices would change some of the following questions? :slight_smile:


are other persons less real than you? :thinking:


if my dog is to be believed, then everyone is less real than me :slight_smile:

I wonder if they’ll use some of the answers to fill in lore moving forward - that would be pretty cool.


The picture of the Atlas pass shows one single pass, very thin laying at an angle on top of a much thicker pass or stack of passes. Do we think it will be plastic or a very thin metal? Perhaps made of an element only existing in NMS…


same here…hoping for a physical pass at the end of all this!


Yup I’ve filled it i got a little philosophical in the answers :blush:


Glad I had my email open when I did. Jumped right on that survey. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for an Atlas Pass…wish they’d toss in a level 3 wile the’re at it.


Good luck to everyone!! I’m hoping I get one. Did everyone get the same class number?? Mine says G-17


yup G-17 here too


I just hope even if not receiving a physical pass, one may still continue to chase and explore this story.


For Atlas Pass V3 you need to reach a certain milestone with Polo


I’ve received my survey and have to say I enjoyed it :slight_smile:


I was bugged out on my original playthrough… he never gave it up… so I couldn’t see all the rooms. For Original players, I can only hope we get our hands on the passes!


Are you supposed to get that class number by email or something? coz at the end of the survey it just said “thank you” and got no mail so far. :slight_smile:


Oh man would a actual pass be awesome hope everyone here on ETARC manages to snag one me included.


just had this question myself. there does not seem to be a confirmation email post-survey.