Atlas passes V4. Small update


WT console term update. =-) good news everyone. Hope we all get one! This has been a heck of a fun time. If you get one be sure to tell us about it if its allowed =-)
Mission Azure Voyage completed.
Processing Level 4 Atlas Pass Designation…


got an email, telling me to give my address info for a v4 pass, so awesome


Yup! Definitely hope everyone here gets one that wants it… we got the e-mail too.


I got the email :3


Got the email. Verified different designations as well. Did you save the code after entering the address?


Uh Huh, took a screenshot… because everything and I mean everything… is mysterious and stuff.


Do we know what the code at the end is for?


Nothing yet… but I am assuming that it is important


Which code did you guys get?


There was one at the very end of the process.


There are folks reporting 16-A, AWK, WT-01, L-15, and G-19…


I belong to the designation HG-16


Oh okay in that case I did save my code but I’m not sure yet what it means


Also PT-16


I belong to L15


I belong to 16-A


Glad everyone is getting an email, Just make sure to note even if you fill out the form not everyone will get an actual physical pass it says. So if I don’t get one I hope you guys do. Heres to hoping!


Same here, I wonder what that means :thinking:


thanks man same to you as well even if I don’t get one this whole adventure has been amazing


Exactly! I’m just glad I was a part of this crazy train ^^ This shall be told to kids and grandkids and everybody else polite enough to listen