New wave of Atlas Pass v4 to be sent

According to the latest email from the Old Gods, a new wave of Atlas passes v4 is about to be sent, for people with PB-16 and PT-16 designations (like my son’s).

The spreadsheet to report the Atlas passes received can be found here:

All documentation, info and links in regards to the Atlas v4 passes can be found below:


The question is: Why did they hold off on sending the ones with this designation? Is there something different on them or are they the same as the others?

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Bugger. Looks like I’ll miss out. My designation has already been sent out.
They may have not had time to print all of them out and incorporated it into this season. Or they will be sent out with a different code word they may play a part towards the end.

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Happy cake day Kurv!

Thanks Mac.

It seems that only about a quarter of the 10000 passes have been sent out so far, so there’s still hope @Kurv

Fingers crossed. Would be so happy to get one. Don’t understand how some people could sell ther’s. And I couldn’t justify buying one if I didn’t earn it through the ARG.

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I just want to point out that not everyone who received an Atlas 4 pass reported it on that thread. I personally know two people who did not. Not mentioning any names. :slightly_smiling_face:

How can we tell what our designation is?

It should have been sent to you in an e-mail back before the Atlas passes were sent out. The e-mail is from July 27, 2017. For those who received a pass, it is on the front.

Didn’t want to go off topic in the Eun Ha thread. I grew up with 2 brothers and was very close to my dad so yeah, I am a little tomboyish. I also really love science and math and video games but, 100% girl. :blush: :sunflower: I also happen to be very comfortable around guys. The misunderstanding is understandable.


I think you meant to reply here: Patient Intervention Thread - Eun Ha - #63 by DarthTrethon :+1:

Looking back at this message just now. I only joined ETARC about… 2-3 months ago? So I never got an email or a pass.

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To be honest, I am not sure anyone here really knows what the designations are for. There has been a lot of discussion on it. I don’t know if you can still sign up for one or not. Maybe someone else here knows?

Did you actually join CSD? Or did you just sign up for ETARC?

I’ve a poor memory so i’m not sure. I think it was just for ETARC but like I said I’m not sure.

I think the CSD website is still working. Go there, and sign up. You should get an email giving you your membership number.

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Thanks Poly!

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…done. I’ve registered so I guess I should wait for an email?

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Yes. For now.

Once you have your membership number, it might be an idea to go back and do some of the earlier tasks - like the personality test (if they’re still available).

Some of these things get linked to your membership ID and your email address. It lets the puppet masters know who’s participated in what.

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