On the importance of the level 4 Atlas Pass

Was thinking about them this morning, and what we know. We know that they are important for whatever comes next, and that our citizen scientist designations have meaning to them. So here is the theory, the designations which are a letter and a number, are either a hexadecimal or maybe even base64 code, which we will need to crack once they arrive. This is why they are important to the next part of the arg, and why our c.s. designations are meaningful.


Interesting theory!

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Phoenix is the code from the passes! No luck unlocking the 10th Glyph though…They look amazing!


Hmm I was just wondering what the signiicance of the Atlas Pass numbers are on the gold label at the back.

I’m wondering if they may be a ‘bank account’ number. Perhaps like an ID we can transact units and trade with other players. This picture below made me think of this.

There are little unit kiosks dotted about in some locations perhaps in future to deposit payments for rescue or something. Or maybe to purchase ship parts or player made models, like Gek hats for your collection, anything really we might trade. Currently the units the kiosks dispense are tiny amounts.

I also hope they may be for Intergalactic Galaxy Travel. So selfishly I can go visit old favourites once again. :slight_smile:


I just recieved my level 4 atlas pass in the mail. just now. Been months since ive looked into anything regarding waking titan… Still been playing No Mans Sky here and there. Thought I would join these forums to see if anyone else got theirs and could shed some light on just what is going on here.

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where do you live, first question?

Taylor, Michigan. United states


nice, use to live there long time ago

Hey a fellow Detroiter, Plymouth here

So what use will these have? Anybody figured anything out yet?

The last set sent out had the message Phoenix after decoding the hex numbers besides that no purpose yet mostly just a cool keepsake as far as I know

I think you may be right on this. I also think that we will be to see who we are in the next update. I’m hoping I get a pass but there are only 10,000 of them and most have recieved them already. Still I am having fun entering diffrent whois commands on the waking titan site.

There appears to be a huge gap in the serial numbers reported. So far, I’ve only seen reports of passes received in Canada and the US.

The Canadian passes were posted in Canada. I’ve seen a couple of reports of the US ones being mailed in the US.

It looks as though they’ve been sent to individual countries in bulk packages, and they’re being mailed on from there in a phased operation.


Hang on people across the pond! I am sure your ship will come in, loaded with Atlas passes! :smile:


I sincerely hope that the regulars on here were the first thought when choosing who received a Level 4 Atlas Pass. Have already seen people trying to sell them on :frowning:

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Nothing but speculation so far, but people have thought that it could be part of the arg part 2, could be an early access to update 1.5, could be a one time download code for something in game, or it could just be a cool participation trophy.

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I was losing hope I would get a pass, but that spreadsheet says that only ~700 passes have been reported. I assume not everyone is adding their pass to the list, but that’s still a hopeful number.


I saw one on Ebay and the seller wants 300 dollars wtf just wow

I was looking over the old Citizen Science Division website today, specifically the Atlas Pass image on the left side page. It actually looks like a real stack of passes that they sent out to us, except for 2 small details: the word ‘phoenix’ in hex is missing, and the text above the class designation says ‘CLASS’ instead of ‘WAKING TITAN’.


The description for the auction says…

I was one of the 10,000 recipients of a Level 4 Atlas Pass. I’m also drowning in medical debt. I haven’t even turned the game on since I got this. I’m hoping its my golden ticket to one less debt crushing my soul.

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