My Atlas Pass V4 theory

Right so it’s become widely known and stated that 10,000 people subscribed to the Waking Titan mailing list will receive a ‘physical’ Atlas Pass V4 in the post, what these passes do or activate is unknown but I feel that the fact they stated ‘physical’ means that there will be virtual passes given to those outside of the lucky 10,000 leading me to believe that it will have some significance in the No Mans Sky game…what though is under debate. I have seen discussions it could activate portals, I have seen theories of it being a key for unknown reasons but at the end of the day do we all really think Hello Games would be silly enough to create this much hype and anticipation for what it has in store for No Mans Sky just to annoy the community by only giving special content to 10,000 people gating of the others who weren’t lucky enough to be in the 10,000. I don’t that’s why I am not too worried over being picked for a physical Atlas Pass V4…but of course I could be wrong. Either way I am enjoying this whole ARG and getting involved with you all in the community.


Yes, I’m sure there will be Atlas Pass v4 in the game that anyone who fulfills the requirements in game will be able to obtain.

I’m expecting nothing more than a cool little commemorative momento, if its anything more than that then thats just a nice bonus. I was even keeping expectations low that theyd actually be a physical thing and not jsut a jpg or something haha.

Whatever it is, whether I get one or not, I can’t wait to find out what its for :smiley:


That’s it…I am just greatful to be a part of this and that they are promoting NMS this way…its quite genius.

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Yes I actually think this is a much better form of advertising to reach people that can TRULY appreciate what no mans sky offers players, a place to escape, dream, explore and imagine, and doing it with a creative and cooperative community is when its at its best. The family just got bigger thanks to this ARG I think :slight_smile:


Certainly, this community is awesome. Last night i witnessed on Discord members buying No Man’s Sky for others who didnt get a Mercury key. Fantastic honorable gestures which shows that there is still good within humanity.

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Thought we were all here to eat popcorn while four guys solved some puzzles before the destruction of our universe’s space-time continuum…? I’m baffled, now…


I believe they have something to do with solving ARG, but idk.
Does anybody know a rough number of people who subscribed to Waking Titan? I want to at least know what my chances are. :laughing:

I am not sure on exact numbers but I know close to 10k watched Elizabeths live streams a couple of weeks ago.

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I would also be slightly concerned about the democratic aspect within the game, if the v4 Atlas passes would grant some sort of longstanding bonus or extra functionality to a selected number of players, rather than having the entire game based on skill and immersion… I could totally opt in for some sort of waking titan extra: “you guys are the first - well done and check out these new cool features” but with the added understanding that someone who starts to play NMS for the first time in say 2019, would also have a shot at obtaining the passes via normal gameplay (even if it’d be crazy hard to obtain them or something)…

After all, I trust that HG has this totally under control and that they know what they’re doing, since it’s quite foolish to automatically block out hundreds of thousands of players permanently… that just wont happen imo.

And as for me?? I’m dying to get my hands on a pass!! :joy:


same here bro i need it badly


Maybe it will be a fast track to build the ship we have seen in the image, everyone else that doesn’t get one will have to obtain the nessesery blueprints, materials and recourses the hard way :thinking:

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We’ve only seen a picture of the front.

The back will be engraved with 16 digits.

Coordinates to THE Red Star. The one mentioned in the ARG and that pops up in some space stations. One of the planets/moons in that system will have a functional portal.

Mic drop.


That would be amazing

My real thoughts about the V4 pass? Its just a thank you gift for playing the ARG with no benefits in the game. Sorry no wild theory, but I think that is just the most propable.


There was a question in one of the tests that asked do you like suprises,right? Well does that mean that they will surprise us with an Atlas pass? Maybe they have already been shipped?

Yeah, that’s what I think as well. Maybe they will send a short letter or something like that with the V4 pass to show appreciation for supporting the ARG.

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That would be awesome! :grin: before they announced that they aren’t manufactured yet I was really excited when checking my mailbox every day. :joy:

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The real supprise is when you get one but the box is filled with Sean Murray beard hair


and lots and lots of tears from those cry babies who still feel robbed when the game debuted