Documenting Atlas Pass v4 - Form / Spreadsheet / Map

Created this topic here to have quick access to the documentation being done for arriving Atlas passes v4.

For those who have received an Atlas Pass, feel free to contribute by filling in the below form, to have the information added (if not done so already):

The results are all being added to the spreadsheet below:

A Google map has been created to show all the locations:

Contact List

Discord Reddit Description
@KazWolfe#2896 /u/KazWolfe Document Admin, NMSCord Mod
@Kbloowit#3413 /u/Kbloowit Game Detectives NMS Division
@Ket#6226 /u/Ket- NMS Discord ARG Team
@ryan#5107 /u/ryzehr NMS YouTube Person
@Saviour#8988 NMS Discord ARG Team
@Sky#5528 /u/skylarkblue1 Game Detectives NMS Division

Big shout-out to @KazWolfe and those helping him out!
Great work, and who knows, it may be useful information for future ARG content.


Current discussion of the new wave of Atlas v4 passes sent (PB-16/PT-16), can be found below:


Yay for Kaz!

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Hey, document maintainer here, and I want to ask all of you a really really big favor:

Do not fill out unnecessary fields!

In order to make my life somewhat easier, some things are automated. Putting things like “No” in additional/optional questions or saying you don’t have a Reddit account skews with the automation and adds additional work to clean up. Pretty please, leave questions unanswered instead! I promise I won’t see it as rude.

Second, if you’re in the USA and are adding your location, make sure the location includes the words USA without periods or anything. It just helps keep the auto-counters up to date (and prevents me from making manual data corrections).

Love you all, and thanks for all the data and support so far! <3


Since I do not have a Discord or Reddit account and I did not see a place to upload a pic, would it help the verification process if I posted those pics here?

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It’s not verification, just voluntary documentation. Have you tried the Form (no pics required)?

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Yes, I filled it out :smile:

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Should be all good then :wink:

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Looks like none have arrived in Europe yet :pensive:

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I find that a bit strange. Not fair :frowning:

What do we do with our Atlas passes does it give us anything in game our something of sort?

The physical Atlas passes we received are just a cool reward for participation in the ARG. Anything else is mere speculation at the moment. I find it highly unlikely for a physical pass to be required for in-game reward or extra’s. These passes, or the user ID, could of course still be used for future ARG content, although I doubt they will limit participation for those who did not receive one.


remember they will tell us when all Atlas Passes have been mailed!


Did someone get a APV4 being on a boat between Borholm and Poland (Baltic Sea)?

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The answers are being used on the spreadsheet, so do not fill in anything you do not wish to share. If you already did, I would suggest to contact @KazWolfe or anyone helping him, to have it removed from the collected data. See contact details on the spreadsheet linked above.

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Looks to me as if the prefix numbers are arranged according to Geographic location/Desegnation.
|— |—|---|—|
|16-A |1 |7|13|
|AWK| 2|8|14|
|G-19| 3|9|15|