Why have the more popular No Man's Sky Youtubers not received Atlas Passes?


I noticed that the majority of the more popular No Man’s Sky Youtubers (the ones with 5000 or more subscribers) have all not received Atlas Passes. Unless I am mistaken, Cobra TV, Orbit TV, MZK, Just Jarrod and @LPlaysGaming have all not received passes, while less well-known NMS Youtubers like myself (Mac Foraday), Helpya Collection, and The Hidden Panda show, have all gotten our passes and done videos opening or announcing this. Why is this?

One possibility is that they (A&S) are planning to send these guys something special as part of the ARG, much like they did Cobra TV in phase one.

The other, more worrying, possibility is that it is just a bad coincidence that all these Youtubers have not been given Atlas Level 4 Passes. If so, I hope A&S will seriously consider sending them something. These guys have done so much to support No Man’s Sky, Hello Games, and Waking Titan with their positive videos about them. Not only is it fair that they get something it would greatly help get the word out about the ARG if they did.

Again, I want to reiterate that I am not complaining to try to get something for myself, I already have my Atlas Pass. I am suggesting that the most hard-working Youtuber content-creators for No Man’s Sky, namely Cobra TV, Orbit TV, MZK, Just Jarrod and L Plays Gaming be made a more active part of the ARG by getting something in the mail for it.


I was only wondering this myself on commute this morning. Seems like they might be getting more food for ones pet rodent, maybe their atlas passes will arrive with whatever else they should be expecting from Atlas Corp :3


Might have to do with the designation they got as well. I do find it awkward that both PB-16 and PT-16 designated passes have yet to show up. I am one of those people, even though an Atlas pass did arrive at my address for a friend of mine, who has a different designation. What could be the reason for those two designations to not have been sent out yet? Did something go wrong with the printing or do they have other plans for us? I am really curious to find out, as it makes no sense to me (yet).


I’m pretty sure Sean is delivering yours by hand, with all the time and effort you give to this community, I wouldn’t even question it :slight_smile:


Possible that the different designations are in separate printing batches? Also without knowing what the acronyms of the designation stands for, its impossible to decide on the reasons for staggered releases of passes.


What would be your actual reaction if Sean showed up at your door with an Atlas Pass for you?


“Ah Sean, what’s the craic? Cup of tae? Ah ye will.” (also, any jobs going? Ye know us irish and our nepotism)


You should get an atlas pass if:

  1. actively participated in the ARG (maybe youtubers did…maybe not)
  2. gave the address info to receive it
  3. you have been “luckily” selected being 1 out of 10000.

So it could be a coincidence, not all of us will receive an Atlas Pass.


This, Mac! Surely now, it has to be…LOVE the idea that it could be, for having lifted/guided so many through so much. A friend of mine who has been an active part of WT for as long as I have (which is to say, a stretch that goes back far longer than the day I eventually joined the forum here) as well as having twice the hours of NMS gameplay racked up than I have, has never been here but he is there with the youtube videos, very much. He’s probably watched them/you all whereas I’m almost never there, although I’m (sometimes) here. We share with each other things we learn, everything all of you do, is just so valued. I really hope you are right.

How mysterious…and exciting!!! Other plans, a special plan for you, I’d put my money on in a heartbeat. :slight_smile:


If I’m not mistaken here, Just Jarrod has received his pass! Cobra, MZK and myself have not however, which is interesting.


Your post about covering all bases between you and your friend and sharing your knowledge loot, has made me feel a lot less guilty about not seeing or partaking in everything we see, say and do here :smiley: Silly to hold my self to such ridiculous standards i realise now.


@MacForADay You probably answered your own question, odds are these people have been chosen specifically for their youtube activity. I doubt they would reveal their designations, but it is likely they are in a unique class, like DevilinPixy.

As I was looking through old threads, someone pointed out that 2500 of the passes were “unlocked” earlier than the rest. It’s possible that what we’re seeing is just the first wave of passes, and that more will be shipped later.


It can get a bit like that can’t it, I know! Even though we try to balance stuff out, I still have to step back sometimes from either possible direction, ultimately if ever my thought-space is becoming overwhelmed. When I realise just how much potentially creative time has passed either contemplating/working on/playing, whatever stuff NMS/WT related…then after I’ve stepped back and gone off and done something really cool (in my isolated opinion, anyway!) I can then feel bad for how long I’ve been away. I guess it’s just a mark of how much it all matters…and you have your wrist for that, too of course, remembering us seeing your tattoo here on our screens…we we’re ‘Woah, check that out!’ haha

PS - that tattoo alone deserves at least a bag of sunflower seeds along with a pass, I’d say. My first hamster, Pepper (who lived to be four years old in my care, don’t you know!) loved them :hamster:


I’ve been away from the forums for quite awhile myself, and have had similar slight guilty feelings. Especially since I Have been peeking in now and then, grateful for the forum summary e-mail.

On Topic:
Alice & Smith seem to be pretty fair. I can’t imagine them leaving those guys out. I bet they get REAL passes; plastic ones, or perhaps even metal! Not the flimsies the rest of us got. Hahah!


YES me too :blush: and how fab would metal passes be for those few…if so, I’d love to see photos!


This is dangerous thinking.
I like it, but it is dangerous.

I am also in the “participated heavily in Waking Titian and have yet to receive an Atlas Pass V4” camp, but I know I’m definitely not as active as the YouTubers mentioned, nor our own @DevilinPixy for sure.
I am also not in the suspiciously absent PB-16 or PT-16 designations (plain ol’ 16-A here), so who knows.

I have two buddies who live to the south of me, and neither have been very active at all in the ARG. One has received his pass, the other has not.

I have come to terms with the reality that not everyone who was active on Waking Titian will get a physical pass. And while the notion that A&S has something extra special up the sleeves for folks who went above and beyond in the ARG is appealing, it also sets us up for even more disappointment.

Just be cautious with elevated expectations is all I’m sayin.


MAC!!! Why would you do this to me! I am now so hopeful even though I think the chance of me being singled out for something special is incredibly unlikely xD

JJ 100% has his pass though!


Please Waking Titan Gods…smile upon me :stuck_out_tongue:


Be sure to check your Youtube private messages, just in case. I never get notified when I get those, so I have to check them manually on my dashboard.


Did not received any pass yet… Main french YouTube streamer here. And Pb-16 ^^