Upcoming Package?


Hey, so I received a strange texh from DHL that a package was to arrive at my house this Friday. Anyone else receive something similar that might point to the Atlas Passes?!
It said it was from Emperop Trading in Hong Kong, China. It seems strange from China to be connected to HG, but I don’t have any other packages coming, especially from DHL.

UPDATE: More Shipping information has been updated as follows
Ship Date: 08/09/2017
Pieces: 1
Total Weight: 2.2 lbs
Ship Type: Package
Description: CARDBOARD

It departed Aug. 10, at 5:37 PM their time from Hong Kong. I’ll continue to update this community with info and pictures as more happens. Thank you all, interlopers!


No email like that for me. Super jealous if it is lol


Package is overkill for an Atlas Pass. I expect Atlas Passes to be sent in a thin envelope, but as I understand, they are still being printed / ordered.


Well… it is possible they’re being printed and sent from Hong Kong (or it might be a more regional location for you). But I have personally not heard of any other people who got any such message in relation to this ARG yet.
Additionally, if it’s just regular passes, I’d almost expect them to send them by regular mail.


I kind of hope it comes in a box full of hamster bedding. :smile:


made of SM’s beard!


It would be weird… :laughing:


Hum, they’re probably the Atlas Pass V4 manufacturers. I think (THINK!) that Atlas Pass V4 will be a bit more than just a cardboard cut-out. They may be elaborate 3D plastic memorabilia.

Keep us posted, will ya? :slight_smile:


made of SM’s beard!

i’d put it in my beard and never wash it ever again.


Place the hairy fragments on an alter.
All hail beard!


We should hold a beard contest and send best beards to SM.


To heck with beards. We do chopstaches where I come from!


No Man’s Shave?


THAT’S what happens when we walk through the portal. All our beards merge with Sean’s beard and form the beard singularity. Bare chins, that is the unknown price we have to pay.


:rofl: "Beard Singularity"


It can predict beards before they’ve even begun to grow. :rofl:


Well…I DON’T have a beard so you guys have fun with that…LOL


The Anti-Matter-Beard!
Invisible but we know it’s there. From the shadows it watches…
All quake in fear of the Almighty Anti-Matter-Beard.
Hail Beard!! Hail Beard!!


Yeah no one shaves until the next NEXT update ships. And that includes the ladies!

EDIT: Maybe just until Atlas Pass V4 ships, actually. I don’t know. I still have a ‘‘real job’’ in ‘‘real life’’.


Fantastic idea guys! I’ve got a head start though :thinking: