Atlas Pass lv. 4

Is there any news about the atlas passes yet? It’s been a long time.

Only speculation :astonished:

come on, when have we heard something straight from HG?


I wonder why it is taking so long to know if all of them have been sent. And that sounds awesome

That is true

I imagine all the patches and fixes have taken a lot of their time. Maybe the passes are stuck in a loop somewhere? Or Emily is holding them hostage! :sweat_smile:


Maybe they are adding things to the game that you need a lv.4 pass for?


Seems unlikely, since only a limited number of players will get one. And because they were linked to the ARG, not NMS, some of them will doubtless go to people who don’t play the game at all, but are ARG fans.

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My understanding was that is if one signed up for the CSD and met certain requirements one could get a game version of the V4 pass. The 10K limit was only on the “physical” V4 pass, but the game V4 pass would come in game or via a DLC or something like that, and the 10K limit didn’t apply to that.

I didn’t request the physical V4 pass…I’m not into more “Stuff” in my house, but I would like one in the game for sure.


I don’t recall seeing an official confirmation of that anywhere. I know it was an idea kicked around by some members.

But if the V4 pass does have an in-game function, HG would have to make virtual versions available. You can’t penalise paying customers because they weren’t in on the ARG.

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Oh yeah I agree. I supposed I assumed/hoped that the V4 pass would 1) be in the game and 2) i’d get a free one some how…other people would have to find it like other passes.

Kinda like the free ship for pre-order…but you are correct…this is all assumption on my part…nothing official.

I keep checking my mail daily just for that lol. If anything, all this waiting for the atlas pass has made it so my mailbox is free of flyers :mailbox_with_no_mail:


I do about the same thing

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Nothing from HG but it’s A&S who will send them, maybe @Anashel or @oldgods could give some news if they read this thread.


I wish @oldgods and @Anashel could provide just a tiny little hint aswell… the wait is totally killing me… :sweat_smile:


All of the materials have been shipped to the printer. Now we wait. :slight_smile:


If you ask Emily about the passes, she would say “Atlas WHO?”
it should be




And I do that thinking “I might not even get one” lol. It’s worth the try though. I just hope I’m one of the lucky few that get a V4

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Hope it’s not another month:)

Waiting feels like the night before Christmas. Never know what you are going to get but hoping that you got what you want.