Atlas Pass designation has been changed


I’d like to gauge if we all got demoted or upgraded or what this means exactly.
Please try the poll. Did your designation change from G17?

  • L-15
  • 16-A
  • WT-01
  • PB-16
  • G-19
  • AWK
  • HG-16
  • PT-16

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Let me know if you’re not on the list (you must be rare)


Mine went to 16a, according to poll on discord, about 30% get 16-a and 30% get l-15, hg-16 seems quite rare on GD discord poll but seems quite common here on ETARC.

However I can’t figure out any method to the designation. I submited a lot of photos and have been quite active in the arg from the beginning, but I didn’t get a rare designation. I’ve a feeling it was randomised much like getting a pass will be, I’d say rarer numbers probably increase your chances of recieving a pass at least?


I wouldn’t feel discouraged by being 16-A, it is the only one starting with a number and A class sounds good, plus 16 itself has been prestigious throughout this ARG. Probably a good sign, you’ve got a lot of comrades.

Yet, the email stated "Our classification model uses multiple data points including your behavior and quantitative activity as a Citizen Scientist."
This tells me they are retaining unique info for assigning them.
The plot thickens! Mabye they are creating a CLASS WAR! Stay vigilant citizens!


A whole rick and morty scene just played out in my head


Theres enough in the dialogue there to fill in the context leading up to this scene XD


I think that since 16-A is the majority that it is likely for people who have participated in every step on the ARG. As people came late to the game, they got different classifications depending on which combination of parts they did.

Can anyone confirm that they have done everything since the 1st Sigil and aren’t a 16-A?


Interesting theory, I signed up in the break between phase 1 and 2, I’m L-15


That’s the same for me as well.


I turned up just before sigil 4 was open and I’m 16-A


I can debunk my own theory. My dad has done nothing aside from signing up for the emails and is also 16-A. I now think it’s totally random.


But when did he sign up?


I’ve been here since almost the start of this ARG and got PB-16 wich seems to be one of the rarer ones so I don’t know.
I also took part in everything that happened so far.


Has anyone taken a poll to see how people answered on the button pushing question in the survey?


As mostly a lurker, I received a 16-A. It would seem that the designation is potentially tied to your active participation. Either in this forum or maybe in the Discord.

Just looking at the profile’s of those that got something differ, they all seem to have quite a few badges. Though seeing toddumptious post maybe there is something more to it as well.


I don’t think it is level of participation; I think it is based purely on the answers to the survey questions.


They also could have been on here longer, from phase 1, to earn those, while some of the others got on later and signed up, and got a different ranking. For instance I think, that L-15 signed up after phase 1 ended and before phase two started.( based on what I did)


I started just like you and I’ve got a different class…


Haha, well, there goes my theory:smile:

  • I pressed the button in the test
  • I did not press the button in the test

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Wait, sorry, I did not make that poll descriptive enough, one sec


If you pressed the button select what designation you have.

  • 16-A
  • L-15
  • WT-01
  • PB-16
  • G-19
  • AWK
  • HG-16
  • PT-16

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