Current Designations

Just to get a sense of what we are sitting with in Etarc

  • 16-A
  • AWK
  • L-15
  • HG-16
  • G-19
  • PB-16
  • WT-01

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I get the feeling I’ve been downgraded. Like PB stands for Provocative B^stage! -)


Another poll from Discord

I don’t think its level based honestly , like one being higher level then the other but I could be wrong

PT-16 is one of them!

Where did we get this list? Compiled from what others have reported? Could there be other designations?

I just got 16-A , dang :frowning: Part of the herd I guess.

Hey, herd mentality is good for… herding… or something.

Besides, I consider myself a rather distinctive 16-A, if I do say so myself. :upside_down_face:


Maybe our tag depends on the answer we gave on the questionnaire with the puzzles: "Are you doing this alone or with a group?"
The various tags might refer to the different groups (discord, reddit, etarc, … I would suppose that the majority of people answered “alone” which might be 16-A as in alone.


Maybe not really, because I answered “alone” and I am a WT-01…

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Well we can rule this one out then :sweat_smile:

Maybe each group will be assigned to a specific task to unlock the remaining glyphs. The tasks will be calibrated according to the skills we’ve shown in the past.


I think that’s more likely. There’s a lot of glyphs to get through. Faster if different groups work on them simultaneously.

If that’s the case, I believe that the various groups might not be homogeneous in composition. I mean, all groups will have active/“sharp” members and inactive members to make sure that the puzzle is solved. I hope that’s the case because I couldn’t solve all the puzzles by myself up to now, I need your help guys! :sweat_smile:

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16-A here as well. Herd it is.

I had pretty unconventional answers to the survey, declared working with ETARC, been terribly slow and wrong a couple tries with puzzles… Know the Mercury Process intimately, and I think I could spoil half of the beans. Europe region… Herd.

Big straw… Seems to indicate two big herds.

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You say herd… but maybe the composition is the same for all groups, just people in other groups are in other regions and still have to wake up or are inactive members and don’t take part to polls… so don’t feel bad :wink:

We have 8 groups right? In the calibration process it was stated that they were looking for pictures from 8 different timezones…so maybe that’s all it is… timezones… any 16-A outside europe/UK region?


That why I mentioned it, I think too, it could be regional…

Which would mean there will probably be events with time limit and we’ll have to cooperate…