Waking Titan Designation Titles

So, I’ve figured out what some of the initials for each designation are. The ones I’ve figured out are as follows:




HG-16= Head Games -16


WT-01= Wasting Time -01

PB-16= Pointless Bull**** -16

PT-16= Pointless Tasks -16

Yes, this is meant to be taken as a joke. Just my way of trying to lighten the mood for those who are possibly growing weary of the waits in between parts of this simulation, as well as for everyone else. I have absolutely no idea what the designations are. Feel free to add your own.


AWK= Another Wasted Korvax


I’m L-15. I always just assumed it meant I was part of Loop-15 which means i’m being deprecated so the L could just as well stand for ‘Loser’. :-o WT waking titan, HG hello games, There should have been a PC for prawn curry but maybe that’s what AWK(awkward) is for. The good news I did get my pass! yay!

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