Class # G-17 / Atlas Pass

Just wanted to post some thoughts I’ve had regarding the class designation etc since it no doubt will get overlooked in the phas 2 thread.

I was thinking, the symbol of the atlas on the pass cards is the “grave” that appears where you died after regeneration.

When you die in NMS, after respawning it says “Generation X” where X is the number of respawns or rebirths. So upon staritng NMS, you are Gen 1, after first death you are Gen 2 etc.

So I’m thinking, theres a grave on the atlas pass, and we’re all referred to as class #g 17

If loop16 had an error, and we are G17, does that mean we are generation 17 and we are being tasked with fixing whatever happened during generation 16 that cause it to hit an error?


Very good theory indeed. I also noticed that the logo looked more like the grave… to be continued


I like this idea a great deal. Makes a lot of sense.


Seems like to me because the email said we unlocked the first 2500 it seems they could be sending them out In four sets

The first 2500 to users then another 2500 then another 2500 till 10000 are given away

That’s what I was thinking aswell, but the thing is that we are in phase 2 already, so that would mean that phase 3 would be formed by 3 different steps? phase 2 -(2500) phase 3- (2500+2500+2500)??

Phase 2’s not over yet, we may in fact have all 10,000 by the time it (phase 2) ends and they’ll be useful for phase 3?

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Hopefully but for now I’m going with my idea of 4 sets over a period of time

Hey yeah. All this talk of Emily potentially being both an echo and the face of Loop16 got me thinking.

Today’s assignments were supposed to be geared towards creating a model of our collective reasoning and decision making, right? Maybe when this whole shebang is over the Atlas Foundation will have enough data to create a model of our little community here. With the voice samples we recorded and the all the videos posted here, maybe they could go so far as creating a life-like echo that’s sort of an average of us all.

What I’m getting at is this: maybe Emily is not just any echo, but an echo of a previous iteration of Waking Titan, of ETARC itself.

There are 4 locks on Project-wt. If Phase 2 completes the calibration I would think all 4 locks (4 x2500) will be completed.


how weird… project-wt is letting me post another picture… anyone can confirm that?


Yes, I was able to post more than one. Going to try and take some photos during lunch tomorrow, weather permitting.