Atlas passes

Anyone figured these out yet?
I feel that the code may well be an address, but it hasn’t led me to anything solid saying i’m right… thinking i may be entering it wrong…any insight?


Welcome back!
The passes have not led to anything I am aware of. Keep hoping though. We can likely add this to the odd numbers we get from various space anomalies found in the game. Maybe it is something yet to come. :smiley:


After the end of Waking Titan, there was some communication from the staff at Alice & Smith, in which they explained some aspects of the ARG (this was years ago - I didn’t keep it).

One of the things they said was that some of the numbers on the Atlas passes did have a meaning, but whatever it was, it wasn’t used. I very much had the impression that if the passes were to be used at all, that use was to have been within the ARG.

It was pretty clear during the ARG that Waking Titan and No Man’s Sky were separate projects by different organisations. And, whilst they shared some information, there was very little crossover between the two.

Now that the contract with Alice & Smith has ended, I wouldn’t expect any further use for the passes.


Thanks for that summary. Just today I admired my Atlas Pass on my old pinboard and thought „all those people were wracking their brains for nothing“!

It was good entertainment though - even though I could not sum up the story. (I only recall that a rogue AI came into being out of parts by various scifi companies, and it can simulate virtual universes. All the rest, where does it fit in? I missed that, LOL)


This makes sense. The ARGs had varied possible pre-designed actions depending on how and how fast players solved various parts of the ARG. If we didn’t “solve” a particular puzzle/whatever or didn’t solve in time, the part that included the passes would never get used.

They were nice swag, though.


I carry my Atlas Pass with me in my wallet. Any time someone brings up video games… I pull out the pass. I try to avoid talking about games, until who ever i’m talking too brings them up first. Then I BLOW THEIR MINDS with what these passes were… or still are?