CSD Class Designation Survey

Members of the Waking Titan: Citizen Scientist Division Discord Server, notably user “The Ratner”, made a survey to gather data on CSD Class Designations and user participation in the Waking Titan ARG. We hope that with this data we can discover the reasoning behind how we were given these designations. We have just over 200 responses thus far, but every single bit of data is invaluable to this project. Please, if you haven’t already done so, take the survey.

You can find the survey here.

And you can find the auto-updating spreadsheet with raw data from the survey here.

We’ve been attempting to analyze the data ourselves, but we welcome anyone who would be interested in helping organize and read the spreadsheet’s contents.

Our analysis thus far.


I still think country of origin/timezone is a vital ingredient? Those results are… Confusing?

I and a few other people have looked into country of origin as a factor and what we’ve seen doesn’t support the idea. Namely, the puppetmasters had no way to know for sure what our locations were unless we (truthfully) put our location in during the first calibration. Yet we have people who didn’t participate in the first calibration with different designations.

But we may be wrong. Who knows.

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You can start a poll here in the ETARC (soon to be CSD) community. Maybe that will help? Then, you can combine the two. Otherwise it just feels like you are constantly advertising your [unofficial] Discord Server… just a thought. :slight_smile:


I am just trying to get more data. That is all.

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Well, they are both “non-profit” after all… And none of us, phase1Etarchians, knew this was official when we joined. Now, He could share some preliminary conclusions, here, I am sure…


The only hard piece of information we have found thus far is that nearly 100% of HG-16s signed up before the first CSD email. This doesn’t mean they were active during Phase 1, just that they were getting emails during Phase 1.

There are a few vague trends that we can make out, such as AWKs tending to have sent in multiple pictures during the first calibration or 16-A tending to have high participation levels. But these are just trends we’ve seen in a relatively small data pool. We need more people to take the survey in order to make any real conclusions.

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@LilLadyD76 You’d need several polls in order to get all the info that we are looking at into there. In addition some bits aren’t really a pollable answer as we are taking notes of special circumstances, how active you were in different forums and servers and what your average activity was like.

Of course we will share the results with everyone, we are a community are we not? :smile:

It will legitimately be easier to analyse the data by filling in a document rather than putting it in a thread survey then manually extracting it again :slight_smile:

So if you haven’t had the chance to look at Iyrsiia’s doc, I do encourage you to do so, as she’s made it pretty thorough in order to get as much data as we can from people!


Yeah, that survey is beyond this forum’s capabilities me thinks… It is no mystery why Atlas chose that platform itself.

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If I joined after phase 1 but before phase 2 started, should I put that I joined during phase 2 on the survey?

Do you mean you joined between the CSD being announced and the 21st of July?

Well, mine says Loser-01 and I haven’t seen anyone else with the same…so I must be special! -)

The email said NOT to share your designation with anyone…I am sticking to that.


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The email said to not share our designations outside of the CSD, and we are all in the CSD. But it is your choice, if you don’t want to share that’s fine.

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My first email from Old Gods (upon joining the mailing list) was dated 7/14.

Then I’d say you’re before Phase 2.

Older survey:

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