New e-mail from Old Gods!

Email includes new task and a survey. I’ll try to get a picture of the full email.


Ok here’s a picture of the e-mail (taken from the Waking Titan Watcher Twitter bot)


Ah my bad everyone. The website has been freaking out for me lately and the “new” section isn’t showing anything. :sob:

I got a new email but it’s the same task we had a week ago??

Edit: have received the right one also

I wonder if there’s any secret sentence this time…

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I’ve managed to pick up some audio but it sounds distorted or slowed down, now I don’t know if this was just caus is wasn’t as close to my location as it could have been or if that’s it and we need to speed it up or run it through some sort of decoder

Not sure if this goes here, but this is the code/file sound I received. K, cannot upload MP4’s any suggestions? The file name is: 6qhs4a3jiqzso8zipy3822n7412xyv.mp4

anyone know how to find their CSD designation?

Please check this topic for current discussion of the uplink video/audio and figuring out the next access code:

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Your CSD designation would have been given to you in the first season if you signed up for an Atlas Pass. This has been emailed to those participating at the time (end of July 2017).

Correction: Signing up for an Atlas pass was not a requirement for receiving a designation. Participating and having your email registered was enough.


ah I see. I found it in the first Old Gods email


Keep in mind we were initially all assigned G-17 which was later changed to a variety of new designations.