Atlas Passes?


I’ve been told that the Atlas Passes should arrive soon. It could come today to next week to another month. I hope it comes soon because I reeeealy want to know what they are. Thoughts anyone?


I’ll be happy if they are embossed business cards


I think we are whistling in the dark!


Hmmm :thinking: odd post from a brand new member… Could mean anything so it definitely means something :grinning:


Or it’s literally me just being an idiot and not really knowing how to use forums XD


Hence ‘it definitely means something’ :wink:


Or to chritsmas ? :stuck_out_tongue:

They will mail all the Citizens after all the pass will be sent so we’ll all have the info at the same time (at least in our mailbox :wink: )


Might be sooner then you think :thinking:


Welcome to ETARC, er I mean, CSD, traveller. Pray tell, who are your sources? I am in work and would love to spend the day investigating these rumors than actually you know, working :smiley:


I’m just curious about how they are going to look. Even if i don’t get one I’m excited, though I hope I do get one lol.


Hopefully we find out soon


@Sith921 I just saw this post earlier on the forum, maybe you already caught it but I’m already feeling the hype haha


“First, we’re pleased to announce that all 10,000 Level 4 Atlas Passes are in production. Note that due to transit times for mail, some may take several weeks to be delivered.”

They said basically the same thing in an “Old Gods” e-mail dated Aug 6. Not much of an update really. I do appreciate the attention though. It’s good to know they listen :wink: I’m just assuming they won’t tell us because they don’t know themselves.


Yeah I saw it a few hours ago but thanks anyways , in also feeling the hype


And they are ARG makers, it’s not natural for them to answer clearly without any puzzle or enigma :stuck_out_tongue:


With all the patch updates we are getting now it seems like 1.4 is coming much sooner than I would have anticipated, it hasn’t even been 2 months and already we are gearing towards 1.8, Maybe the V4’s will come with v1.4 :smiley: Wishful thinking, I reckon they’ll show up soon as they’re ready, but the in game manifestation of the passes will definitely come in to play in 1.4.


I reckon the atlas passes will be a vr card (simular to like 3rd had) that unlock stuff in a new vr version they are going to hopefully bring out soon


WIth no current VR for the game, I have to disagree.

I think it will mostly be swag with tie-ins to the next round of the ARG. And if I happen to get one of these glorious piece’s of memorabilia, it will be showcased in a worthy shrine to its honor.

@toddumptious My gut also tells me that the passes will be in timing with 1.4’s release, but I think they will come a bit earlier as part of the ARG.


I have to agree. The Waking Titan ARG was announced by the mysterious delivery of 16 tapes. I suspect the next phase will be indicated by the delivery of the Atlas Passes.

I also think VR is highly unlikely. NMS struggles to produce a decent frame rate, even on some high-end systems. The last thing it needs is a further processing overhead.


I agree on no VR! it is tough for them as it is, VR not needed.
In time down the road years from now maybe!!! lol