Citizen Class Changed

My class started as L-15 and changed to G-17.

Did anyone else go through a change?

Could this matter?

Could it trying to be hinting at parallel universes that are slightly different?

I think a bunch of us changed but I’m not sure the reason in it

I remember mine changed a long time ago, when did yours change?

I mixed it up the first time. It started as G-17 and turned to L-15.

Email dates for G-17:


E-mail dates for L-15


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With all of the insane amount of attention to detail I would think this could be significant. I only noticed now since someone else mentioned it happening.

I remember having a similar classification change.

I took this as everyone was a G-17 and then they updated the classifications later after they had gathered whatever data was required to make the more defined determinations.

You’re 100% correct. It actually says it in the e-mail…

struggles to remove foot from mouth

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here’s a chain saw??? lol


My class changed from GT-17 to WT-01… Switzerland.

I have a bad feeling about this tbh!:cyclone:

When we originally signed up to CSD, we were given a membership number, and a provisional group - everyone was designated GT-17.

Then we received a further email (might have been more than one - I can’t remember), which included a profiling questionnaire.

If you completed and submitted the questionnaire, you then received a further email, giving you a new group designation. I presume this was calculated (in part) from the answers you gave in the questionnaire.

However, we were told by Alice & Smith that the group assignations were not to divide people into collectives of the same ability or attitude, but rather to form mixed communities, who would not normally group together.

Well, that’s my understanding of it.