[Unofficial] Waking Titan: Citizen Scientist Division Discord Server


We of the WT: CSD (Unofficial) server welcome any employees of the CSD and prospective employees to join our discussions. We banded together at the start of Phase 2 to work toward the common goal of completing the Waking Titan experiment, and now that the experiment has reached it’s end we intend to continue working in the CSD for the foreseeable future.

Please join us on our Discord: Citizen Scientist Division

You can see our findings thus far archived here: Waking Titan Phase 3 - Google Docs

As moderator and co-founder, I cannot wait to meet you. We worked together to see the Waking Titan experiment to it’s conclusion, and we hope to coordinate together again on new projects. We would love to have your assistance.


I WILL!! Right after I get done with the Sim. Whenever that is… :yum:

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I’m sooo glad this Discord exists. It made the whole ARG just wonderful. <3

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Hello fellow Citizen Scientists!

I look forward to seeing more on you on our discord channel! Some of you will have overheard some of us talking on discord with individuals at the AzureVoyage escape room during the twitch stream. Both Paradisedan and sz0bmi are members of this discord and we look forward to connecting with more members who took part in the live events over the last two months!

We look forward to seeing you on Discord!

To join the Citizen Scientist Division Discord, click here or Iysiias’ link above!

Incidentally if there are any moderators from here that are members of the discord that haven’t made themselves known, please do so, so we don’t miss you out! There’s quite a lot of us here so it’s possible you might get missed.

If you aren’t yet on, ping one of the mods when you do :slight_smile:

@oldgods Didn’t this used to be WakingTitanPhase2 Discord, a spinoff from https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/ and their Discord Chat?

Has Hello Games officially designated your Discord Chat as the CSD Chat?

We were never a spinoff of the other Discord. We started seperately from them.

We were not officially designated. If this is a problem, we can change our name.

Yes. We’ve taken the initiative to point one out for people that want to continue to work on CSD projects in game both in chat and in voice. :slight_smile:

Our discord was renamed at the beginning of Phase 3 to promote a community that revolved around all CSD events and activities. The No Mans Sky discord is also great! But is more of a general discord than a Citizen Scientist Division. We regularly chat on voice and would love to talk with other Citizen Scientists while we explore this current simulation! :wink:

@oldgods feel free to get in touch with us! :slight_smile:

@Iyrsiiea @Bad_Television

Whether The name you have chosen will be an issue remains to be seen. Perhaps you should read https://forums.etarc.org/t/server-migration/1995 before advertising for your Discord Chat in this forum.

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@BlackIris not sure what the issue might be! If other scientists want to join us on our travels they may do so! :slight_smile: If one is selected in the future then I’m sure they will. Until then, the post stands as it is :slight_smile:

@Iyrsiiea @Bad_Television @oldgods

Thank you lyrsiiea for editing your OP to indicate it is an unofficial CSD Chat. Perhaps all the other places I have seen it advertised should be changed as well.

Like the Steam Group set up for ETARC.
Morse 52 minutes ago
We’ve got a Citizen Scientist Discord set up for voice chat among fellow players as well. Hopefully we will see some of you there as you travel through the universe!

Click to join the CSD Discord Channel [discord.gg]

And the one in https://www.reddit.com/r/NoMansSkyTheGame/comments/6s8llv/greetings_from_the_waking_titan_citizen_scientist/

Just a thought.

Changed for the time being, we welcome consultation with the @oldgods on the next steps :slight_smile:

For those that joined, see you in the discord! :rocket:

I’m glad to hear @Luzee! We are very proud of the community we have grown! Much love <3

Just FYI, the invite has expired, so I don’t know if people are going to be getting in.

EDIT: The one in the main post is expired, looks like this one works: Citizen Scientist Division

New link added, thank you for informing me.

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Link states expired/invalid.

It’s a very nice discord indeed.

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I’ve had a damn good time in this discord and look forward to spending more time there as well!

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I might be biased, but I’m so god damm proud of the people over there.


Praise the Sean

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