[Unofficial] Waking Titan: Citizen Scientist Division Discord Server

After being part of every official discord for the ARG, this is the only one I end up remaining in. It was the most organized, and truly impressive how a large community was able to work so symbiotically. Where most other communities became too chaotic, this one held fast to weeding out spam - and streamlining updates.

I look forward to more surprises the game has to offer, and happy to say now that I’ve found a community to aide throughout the journey to come.

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I’ve been a part of this Discord since phase 2 started, I’ve had a great time interacting with everyone there. The community was incredibly diligent and focused wholeheartedly on solving the many puzzles that Waking Titan has presented.

I can say with certainty that this is the best Discord to discuss Waking Titan.


Hey, as long as you stop @ everyone all the time and don’t spam another server/twitch channel this isn’t a bad idea.

We try to only @ everyone when something significant happens. Seeing as things have ramped down considerably, I don’t think we’ll have a reason to do it again anytime soon or ever again.

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@Matt you make an excellent point. And yes we did use it during some of the time critical parts of Waking Titan, but as @Iyrsiiea says, now we are moving into a much more gradual process I doubt we will need to mass message anymore.

Would be nice to have you come on tonight if you are about Matt, we are discussing with @SlowRiot4NuZero on creating an ETARC/CSD hub for future experiments and we’d love to hear your input if you are around.

8pm EST if you are up for it :slight_smile:


It’s a great place! I love the community there.

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Found this place at the when I got involved in the ARG. Great welcoming community for anyone that joins!

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Ive been in this discord since phase 2 and I have been in a lot of communities but this is one of the bests if not the best community I found, as someone who didnt knew anything I was received extremely well and created friends very easily to the point where we even created a religion xD. Not to talk about the respect and order that exists between us.
In the end I don’t know how my experience with Waking Titan would have been as awesome as it was and even if I would have kept interest in it.
So Thanks for everyone from the Discord. <3


I love this place. It’s a very fun community to be a part of. We inherently strive as a community to acknowledge everyone and be inclusive. I started out in Phase 2, and I have never felt like I couldn’t get a word in. Whenever I have questions they are answered (quickly). When I have ideas/theories, people will talk through them with me and hypothesize. The mods are actual, real-life human beings, so if you do ever encounter an issue (rare), you will always have a chance to make your case and find common ground. I consider it to be my figurative home in the NMS Community.

TL;DR - you will be heard in this Discord server, and I think you’ll most likely make some new friends as well. I certainly have!

I look forward to meeting our new members!

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It’s great to see so much support here from fellow Members! :grinning: Thanks so much for your kind words guys!

It was great to have @SlowRiot4NuZero on last night talking with a handful of our regulars about assisting with the hub project, when the next update finally drops. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see more of you joining as the update draws ever closer!

Member on the discord, right after it opened up. I’ve had a blast helping solve, gathering minute-by-minute updates for the chat, and for the main reddit threads. It’s a good home for people, with good mods and staff, and great fellow Scientists.

I can’t wait for the update so I can keep throwing information at peoples faces’!