CSD Games is shortlisted in the contest!


Hey guys!

CEO of CSD Games here, and dare I say I’m mighty proud of the great work we have done! We’re shortlisted as top 10 among the 680 or so applications, isn’t that fantastic??

Don’t forget to vote on our contribution!

The website to check out all the contributions is here,
and the site to vote is here!

This is so exciting!!


Vote contributed!


me too!! :smiley:


Voted! :rocket:


Well done citizens! Voted! :+1:


Well done. I have cast my vote. :+1:t2:


Nice work everybody. Pat on the back for everybody :clap:
Wasn’t able to contribute much but enjoyed being involved nonetheless.
Also want to acknowledge those who put in MASSIVE efforts; you know who you are. Excellent. Some wonderful talent & creativity was showcased (& admired) in this little community.


Voted! (and also for @kyle-culver’s)


Vote cast you guys did such an awesome job!


Voted! :clap::beers:


Done, of course :wink:


Same ! Second choice was kyle’s work !


What is this New Man Sky WARE mentions? Should we look into it? My fourth wall has been shattered!


The way I see it, this can have one of two explanations:

  1. Out-of game: Everyone knows who contracted A&S to make Waking Titan. Since Reddit is one of the most frequented platforms for NMS news and banter, A&S simply chose Reddit as a convenient place to gather comments and discussions about the submissions, and there is no real “meaning” to the statement that W/RE is partnered with No Man’s Sky. After all, they’re just happy if they see us excited and immersed, right?
  2. In-game: There is an actual meaning to the fact that W/ARE and NMS are linked in such an obvious way. Just as the origin story was explained last summer, a new story is forming out of what is happening today, and this partnership is a piece of the puzzle, whose is still to be revealed.

I personally believe the second explanation, since I want to believe it, since the Waking Titan story is absolutely awesome and it’d be cool to be thrown into it again. But then again, I have been wrong before in my life :smiley:


Voted for Tumbleweed and I also gave @kyle-culver Supersensory a vote! Great job. I loved some of the material on the CSD website. I see you spent a lot of time working that up!! Nice job!


What is this voting thing even for? I’m not feeling it.

Then again, I am very new to this site…
Can anyone explain this in a nutshell for the very uninformed and lost person that I am, who probably doesn’t deserve to be commenting, having not previously read hours of posts and website pages to figure out what’s going on? :thinking:

Any help is appreciated… :confused:


This is all you need. Instead of hours of detailed posts, it takes maybe 10 minutes if you want to read all of it from the beginning. Then again, “Phase 4” is what is currently ongoing…