CSD Games LIVE appearance

I just got the message that I should make a new topic of this, so here’t goes!

CSD Games is checking out the Indie studios out there!

Twitch Stream of No Man’s Sky Happening TOMORROW SUNDAY.
Here is the link for the channel: Twitch

When? At 20:00 (8pm) Mainland Europe Time (CEST)
This is 19:00 (7pm) British Time (BST)
This is 14:00 (2pm) in New York

I hope to see you all there!!

Cheers! /bcatrek CEO CSD Games


Oh yeah? Well us (I) at Avian Studios have done… nothing. SO BEAT THAT


Lol it’s not a competition, I was just poking at HG a bit… but I removed the part about “being better” since it might lead people in the wrong direction and ultimately we’re all here just to have fun. I think Avian Studios has great potential!


Who’s doing mod for the chat channel?


We have a few mods, but can always add more. That would be good since I’m not sure who can be online when etc.

All good just wanted to make sure that was covered. I haven’t ever modded a twitch stream before.

Just wanted to make sure we keep our reputation sparkling from the onset ( :100: )