Guess what appeared today! FedEx told me on the phone they could only deliver tomorrow but I saw the local delivery guy on the street and ran after him :laughing:

Here’s a little tease! I’m at work now but will be back for the live reveal around 19:00 CEST tonight! Check out the CSD Games twitch channel!


Could you share the stream link here as well? :slight_smile:


May 22-26 New WT Commands and Cont'd Dev Kit Arrivals
May 22-26 New WT Commands and Cont'd Dev Kit Arrivals

Calling for mods for the chat starting soon! @xdragon you have been a twitch mod on our last stream, feel like repeating?

It can be anyone trustworthy, but since I’ll most likely be busy with the stream itself, I’d feel better if anyone with hot fingers could help me.

Most likely it will not be any sort of work involved, but you never know if someone is trying to troll the chat.


Was interesting to watch and pretty cool to finally see this Dev Kit. I will try get a source download from the full stream just so we have it. Maybe an upload to the YT channel?

Either way, thanks for the stream :hearts:


Great stream!! What to do now!? Mind blown! :crazy_face:


I’m curious … did anyone try the unique code on his atlas pass in the myriad uplink app?


That was an awesome stream! :smiley:


Thanks guys! It was a lot of fun!!


@DevilinPixy Yes you have full permission to use the stream footage as suitable. Just don’t put my face in a real-fake porn video or anything :laughing:


I don’t have any intention of using it anywhere, just want to make sure it doesn’t get lost as Twitch does not archive streams forever you know…

I would however suggest to upload it to YouTube, either using the Twitch export, or possibly edited and made more CSD Games suitable, to then upload?


Rats, we can’t use it. “Cut the donkey scene!”


Ok here is a short summary of the CSD Games dev kit reveal:


Ahhh! I missed the stream! Dang it!


@Ospredox you can still watch it! just head over to the twitch channel! You got 40 minutes of dev kit reveal waiting!! :smiley:


I missed tuning in Live, but I did watch it. :grinning: It was so neat to witness. Thank you for streaming it! I can’t wait to see how everything will come together.


More message have been sent to Dev kit user.

From Geraldine Nadeau

P.S. sorry if i steal anyone’s thunder, im nowhere near smart enough to solve actual puzzles, so this is how i’d like to think im contributing : P


Yes sir! I just uploaded it to discord and wanted to do it here as well, but I am live streaming on my own bcatrek channel right now. Anyway here is what I got:


Wow¨here we are… the same products that are listed on his Ware developer page!!

We soon are soon going to have to send some magical medicine!!

Keep it up Arnaud! The CSD Kids won’t let you down!


I can’t rewatch it now that it’s over, or its just PS4 not letting me use twitch again. Will the stream be on Youtube sometime so I can see it? @bcatrek