New files extracted from the satcom site!

User Kazwolfe datamined the new satcom-70 website and found a whole bunch of files.
Especially that “sleeper video” creeps the heck out of me!

What do you think these files might mean? I don’t really know what to make of them…


Judging by the ‘sleeper’ video, it looks like it’s going to be different elements for when the website opens up more. And when we gain full access I think we will have to work together to wake up the sleepers without hurting them.

And from that note we got for Elizabeth Leighton it looks like they are having problems doing just that. Getting people out of the simulation safely…


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I woould like to let the administrators @oldgods @Anashel know that the satcom website doesn’t work on PS4, so I can’t view it. But then, the waking titan website has never fully worked for me either, but satcom is a totally blank screen for me which is frustrating.


This is what the site looks like on PC right now. It’s animated but in no meaningful way. Random numbers changing, the giant red splotch moves every once in a while. So you aren’t missing anything yet.


Red circle changed again


I was watching the Satcom site, last night. Have we figured out what the red represents? At first, I was thinking: the sun. :rofl: Today though, it seems like some sort of Subterrene or Submarine- as a way to travel underground. Maybe there’s a path or tunnel system to figure out?


They would be the satellite paths in the sky. Myriad is a satellite based cloud service. This is my understanding at least.


That red wave pattern (red haze?) is moving. Look at the last two pictures. And it’s in a different spot today.


Wow you’re correct! Yesterday it was over N. America and right now it’s over the edge of the south pole!

Turns out this isn’t new. I guess the area is moving, very slowly.

It’s already in a new position.

This image is definitely in the main animated one on the website, the orange and blue bars appear in both

P.s. I forgot to say which image!!


I just re-read the Abandoned building lore in NMS that talks of a vast, baleful crimson eye in the sky.

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Is it me, or is there some text on the far right on SATCOM-70?

Not sure.

And have we determined what the moving red spot is?

Could the red splodge be showing a location from which something is visible or at apogee in the sky? A satellite or star?

Yes, there is - but it’s junk filler text. In fact, it actually says it’s junk filler text.

Give me 10 minutes…


We are about to be invaded by Sentinels. Run for your lives! Reload your multi-tools! :scream:


Trying to view satcom from mobile leads to an uplink app page.

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The red moving dot is… EMILY!!!



The red circle is changing all the time.

Looks like there are numbers under locations in Luanda, Angola and one in Japan?

Also, try zooming in, (Ctrl+Mouse Wheel) and you get an Uplink App and Myriad logo. I know I’m late to the party…