May 12-15 STU44 1$ HAPP3N1NG Command Center v12 CRASHED + Arnaud's Health


Status command has updated and Arnaud’s health has declined and he was sent to the same hospital Mr. Zheng visited!

April 27-29 W/RE Dev Site-May 11 Dev Kit Winners


Does the discord know about this? Can someone tell them?


With the WT Watcher posting these changes to Discord as well, I can only imagine them being aware of the changes on the WT site.





Can someone call and record 438-368-9126

Arnaud’s family says to always be cautious and critical in the face of the unknown


Thanks to Discord user Nimueh

Dropbox link


Awesome! So we do have a new puzzle! It’s so exciting that Zheng’s story was linked to Arnaud’s! I can’t wait to see what Zheng discovered!


I called and recorded it onto this video!


It is every other character from the text, which will result in:

Test subjects have been called in and the device has been used on them in ways that I could never condone. 7 of them lost as we speak, 3 of them are dead, 8 are on the verge of being unrecoverable. Their intentions are not what we think they are. Actions should be taken to shut them down. Exit


Oh no, @LPlaysGaming was right, WARE IS evil!


Yes! Now maybe we will find out what supplies we need to buy for Arnaud. Maybe his family will be able to intercept the supplies to help him.


In Your Mind…a reference to all of our speculations, :laughing:


I’m guessing we will be retracing all of Mr. Zheng’s steps from the live drops 3 weeks ago and find out what he was doing.


Really love your videos mac. Its encouraging me to make waking titan videos, although since you already uploaded a good video about it, i don’t see its necessary to upload one, you explain so well in your videos it leaves me speechless. Keep up the great work man!


so all of the binary listed on Mr Zheng’s partners translates to @ J ?


It is? Wait what?


I didn’t cover everything, as you can see above, new things have developed since I uploaded the video. You could still make your own.


By the way, @Jacob_2000_Lol is one of the longest-standing members of my Spacing Guild and one of my best friends. He is finally paying attention to Waking Titan and just joined this forum.