Waking Titan page with new STATUS April 14th


Here is the new STATUS command on wakingtitan.com

It says REBOOTING! Exciting stuff to come soon??

Solving STATUS update Memory Dump & PAX East 2018 Live Drop
Let's create an indie dev studio!

Hmmm I wonder, Cant wait to see what happens next :slight_smile:


LOL yea - “Rebooting” is sorta not too much to go on… we’ll just have to wait and see and… speculate :thinking:


My prediction is either wakingtitan dot com itself or project-wt dot com will go down and update to a new format.


I’m still not sure what the frick they mean with “Monarch” …? Is that a programming or gaming term that I am unaware of?


I think Monarch is either Sean Murray or Loop16, or some new character.


Still booting up…


Everyone status finished rebooting!


Clicking on http://bit.ly/2ITvMcW

leads you to THIS PAGE

which reads some random words:

Drunken, Disable, geiger, everyday, hockey, determined, endow, coherence, freedom, guitarist, framework

Solving STATUS update Memory Dump & PAX East 2018 Live Drop

… and super-users at discord have taken the first letter of each of those words, converted it to HEX and used the resulting string as an imgur web address, leading to this gif


Is it just me, or is the person in all the “sleepers” boxes look like it could potentially be Arnaud Lacours?


Audio file from Status Update link (Vocaroo)


I think (wild unreserved speculation here ) that Monarch may be the developers code name for the new update. Why Monarch? Because a butterfly starts it’s life in a crawling basic form and is transformed into something completely different and wonderful. Orsomeone picked a name out of a hat lol…



Hey what does everyone else see in the red circle (I added the red circle). Personally I think it looks like “Type Help to list all available commands” not sure if this is a Red Herring or not. If anyone thinks that reads differently please say so.


W/ARE sent out emails for developers who have been shortlisted. I am a lone developer who needs to make a trailer and a demo.

I have my trailer, just lack the software to edit it properly.


you have a video trailer?


I have frames. My Corel studio subscription expired though :frowning:

Gonna try and get one up for the website though.


I think you’re right, it definitely starts with “type help…”


How long has the command whois loop16 been working?


since last summer…