STATUS update ( - W/ARE Dev Studio Application


I created this topic to prevent the previous topic from endlessly going, with new events happening with Waking Titan or related. I will edit the topic title to best summarize the discussion of new changes. I would prefer to see new topics created where reasonably possible to prevent it from getting too lengthy. It will make things easier on all of us :wink:

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The STATUS command on has updated.


Stuff is happening (STATUS updates-Myriad-W/ARE-NEXT)
Stuff is happening (STATUS updates-Myriad-W/ARE-NEXT)
Waking Titan reporting thread for the month of April
Stuff is happening (STATUS updates-Myriad-W/ARE-NEXT)
Stuff is happening (STATUS updates-Myriad-W/ARE-NEXT)

There’s a WT Status Update.


Annoyingly I can’t see the whole status on my phone.


Status update!


Gotcha covered!




Nice, couldn’t read it all myself. Thanks for the screengrab.


Which is now justified since we know/expect the scope and time frame!

I hope we get a screenshot as a teaser at least, of a new feature :}


I’m remembering the glitched-out concept art for the exotic ship types we got pretty early in WT season 1…

Man I’m hoping for something like that soon. :grin:

(Sorta off topic: Some news articles are posting two ‘new’ screenshots from the new update Sean posted? Are those real?)


Can’t find what you’re talking about, could you post a link or screen?


Alight I can’t find the article or two that said these pictures went with the update announcement. These are the pictures though. A lot of articles are using them; they could be copying each other, as we know they do, or maybe HG provides them to some?

I don’t notice anything different except perhaps space fog color and intensity. Take it with a grain of salt.


Actually, the first picture seems to depict multiple ‘enterable’ freighters in a line. Pilotable freighters?

Lol better make sure these are real before I start theorizing. :grin:


I’ve seen these screenshots but I’m not sure if I’ve seen them before the NMS NEXT announcement or not


Reverse image search seems to show the first pic existing on news sites since atlas rises =\


Alright, that answers that question. /shrug/


Anyone else fill out the application form for W/ARE ?


Actually the second pic seems to be new to this update


New email from W/ARE. It’s got a survey.


But seriously, do you guys think that applying for developer access is key to progressing in the ARG? The newsletter seems to highlight it quite a bit…

Are we supposed to interact with real Indie Studios?


Since W/ARE is a fake company I think they are looking for fake developers… Atleast I hope so cause I filled it out lol