May 22-26 New WT Commands and Cont'd Dev Kit Arrivals


3 Kits have arrived so far and there is a new Loop16 response on WT

Images that came on the phones in the Dev Kits. Most seem to be wallpaper except the last 4.
from PeacefulGamer

Dev Kit has arrived!
Emily is responding on Reddit!
May 12-15 STU44 1$ HAPP3N1NG Command Center v12 CRASHED + Arnaud's Health
May 17 - 19 Final 5 Glyphs Active / SM Interview / Voice Recordings Task

Not sure if this is the right spot, but entering ‘Loop16’ in now says:

Processingvoice reconstruction database.


courtesy of @Polyphemus
STATUS is old info
LOOP16 is new


So, just looking at those transcripts, it sounds like someone had a stroke :fearful: Is that supposed to be Arnaud talking?


I don’t know… :fearful: so many questions.


Hey guys can’t access waking titan on phone, just wondering in case I missed any, has there been any new email prompts on waking titan website in order to keep in the loop or is it still just being done via Ware emails?


I only know of e-mails but I do not possess the all-seeing eye. :grin:


I haven’t received any e-mails. I assume it’s still through Ware at this point.


If thos pics don’t entirely belong to WT then I’d be inclined to guess they hint at in-game landscape and general game feature upgrades.


Grabbing things off of twitter. Not sure of context and how it all fits together

which reminds me that we have a site we have never really used


It was noted that most of these images are wallpapers that came with the phone except for the last 4. Two WARE logos and a pic of a laptop and a selfie.



Is that SM In the selfie?


If it is, he has grown a lot of beard since the Xbox interview. :grin:


I guess we really have to find something with this :


That’s old puzzle stuff we got awhile ago, unless you are right and there is still something there.


thats what i thought too. Thought this was used already?

Maybe not?


It was used for what ?


Some of the link-like text in the PDF’s was used to get the pictures of the “french” looking trains and countryside. I’m not sure what the conclusion was, if any, from that trail of clues.

Here’s the original discussion/discovery by @bcatrek :May 12-15 STU44 1$ HAPP3N1NG Command Center v12 CRASHED + Arnaud’s Health


Sorry for the confusion. I have updated the pic with some info. It is the LOOP16 info that is new.