June 7 Loop16 Seq 29



What’s that beeping in the background?

Week of June 1st - Loop16 Seq25 + Satcom Calibration COMPLETE
Uplink Page Updated

Slowed down,


First bit,

The dashes kinda go through the dots?

“Emily protocal 16 now active. If I hate someone because I am afraid of him and if I am aware of my hate but not of my fear you might say that my hatred is conscious and my fear is unconscious”


Morse? First thought, anyway.


That’s like the creepiest thing I have ever heard. :rofl: I remember these beeps from files way back in the ARG. I had a feeling they were RTTY but nothing came of it. Too fast to be morse.?


Can someone post it as a Youtube video or some other file format so I can hear it?



Discord says it is burst morse possibly with echo or repeating over itself. I looked it up and burst morse is just very fast morse code.

Edit: @macforaday does clyp.it work for you?


Source of the quote:

Beyond the Chains of Illusion: My Encounter with Marx and Freud

On Google Books


From Discord,

They edited the post and changed the file to a clype.it link that has stereo. Left and right are different.

translation (includes guesswork),

I awoke from a night of screams of angers. Engulfed in flame
I SAW SCRAMENTO TWELVE Days dreAMING WIthOUT SLEEp burning a creation



There seems to be a difference in words between Emily’s spoken word and the 1962 book quote by Erich Fromm:

Audio Clip:
Emily Protocol 16 now active:
If I hate someone because I am afraid of him, and if I am aware of my hate but not of my fear, we might say that my hate is conscious and my fear is unconscious.

Actual book quote:
If I hate a man because I am afraid of him, and if I am aware of my hate but not of my fear, we may say that my hate is conscious and that my fear is unconscious;

Beyond the Chains of Illusion: my encounter with Marx and Freud (1962)

Maybe Emily is quoting from a later published book more politically correct. There are several editions published. Which Emily used I don’t know.

The ISBN is from Wikipedia.
The 2006 library I.D. number:
ISBN 978-0-8264-1897-5


I wonder if Emily is reading a Wikipedia entry of one of the 16 selected to receive an Atlas pass, using uploaded audio recordings?


She read the PDF of the book, which is available online in it’s entirety.



There is two sets of morse code, one per a channel.



Right Side = Virgo?


Or the Wikipedia article on the Unconscious mind. That passage is in there as well.


So what she says is of no real importance as she is just reciting wikipedia again


I’ve just heard the file.
I think that what she says might be really important.
I don’t think someone would use a quote randomly.

Unless, of course, that Morse sequence, is her “unconscious fear” thar she’s taking about (perhaps the Morse sequence wasn’t there because she wanted, but it was her unconscious that put it there as request for help or something similar, those sentences you found by deciding the Morse code are not something I’d be glad to hear)
That being true, means that someone is hiding something from us, not in this community, but in the big scheme of things.

Or perhaps I’m overthinking bc I just woke up


don’t know if this was alredy knowm, but typing “whois nada” and “whois polo” on wakin0gtitan.com tells us something about the two.


At the mention of the portal, the lights on Nada’s mask begin to stutter.


It takes me a moment to realise who I am speaking to.
This alien… I have met them before.
They are Specialist Polo, the partner of the Korvax
Priest-Entity Nada. They are my friends, stewards of
an anomalous station located outside of time
and space.

If all of this was already known, I’ll remove the post.


That’s my wiki voice recording entry.


It’s the third entry from the wiki articles Emily is reading. 1 was about the number 42, I don’t remember the second, the third is about the conscious mind.
They might come into play later, but I think they are like the songs that were linked in each pdf. Just fluff


In one of the images we received, a green one with the satellite on the left, to the far right there were images of faces, sleepers like Arnaud caught in the WARE device. Were there 12 of them? I seem to have lost the pic.