Voice Recordings Deadline May 22

Ok guys - CSD Scientists listen up!

@Polyphemus has volunteered to collect our voice samples!

He needs mp3 files containing THREE SENTENCES each.

Please record and send to TooWeak@virginmedia.com

To make life easy for Mr. Polyphemus, please consider adopting a file-naming convention as follows:


For example: English-sentence.mp3


Edit: This requirement is in compliance with the call from Waking Titan, according to the pastebin link https://pastebin.com/igS4Tzd6

Vocal reconstruction database required
Source: Wikipedia (any article)
Length: 1 sentence
Format: MP3 audio
Minimum samples : 100
Minimum languages: 5
Minimum unique voices: 33
Sample origin: Homo sapiens
Upload instructions: Submit all samples in a single message to u/satcom-70
Deadline : Tuesday May 22nd, 10am eastern time


Being on PS4, I cannot create, save, send or listen to audio files. Would anyone be willing to record my voice from one of my many videos and add it to the group? You could use my intro as the sentence.

Edit: Oops, forgot it has to be a wikipedia article sentence. I will make a video specially for this.


Can you read a sentence from a Wikipedia article and upload it?

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Hi guys greetings from South Africa. I can do a sentence in the isiZulu language

Will send later sunday (tomorrow) as is past midnight here.


Yes, I realized after that it has to be a wiki article. I will make a special video for it.


Awesome! Read 3 sentences.


Sent 3 sentences English

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No, it says 100 sentences with a MINIMUM of 33 different voices. That means 1 person can’t read all 100 sentences, but all 100 sentences could be read by different people.

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Yes. @Polyphemus said if we have 33 people they need to do 3 sentences a piece to get 100 sentences total, at least that is how we are reading it. Well, 99 anyway. So I sent 3, one sentence from 3 different articles…


But each file is supposed to be just one sentence, so you need 3 seperate files, each with one sentence. If you do one file with 3 sentences on it, then it is WRONG

So tell people to submit audio files with one sentence recorded. Keep going til you have at least 100 files.


Yes. I sent 3 files. One sentence each. To @Polyphemus. He is compiling all of them into one file.


Guys guys, it doesn’t really matter how many sentences in each file. The reason is that everything needs to be sent in compiled into ONE file ONLY. This is what @Polyphemus volunteered to do.

We send in three sentences, doesn’t matter in how many files, and then Mr. Poly will put them together into ONE single file.

Is that ok?

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You know, they may want them as separate files within a single post. That’s OK - I can do that. It’s easy to split the files into individual sentences. Rather than messing about with complicated instructions, I will just accept what people send me, and adjust it when it arrives.

Telling people to just submit one sentence greatly reduces our chance of getting 100. Asking 33 people to submit three sentences each gives us the best chance of actually getting 100.

I have already received some, but they’re not exactly rolling in.


I just sent you two sentences from my wife who speaks Punjabi and Hindi! So we’ll fill the language quota!! :smiley:
Let me know if you can play/hear them!


Here is my video with my 3 sentences at the beginning. Whoever records them as 3 seperate MP3 files, please tell us on here you are doing it so multiple people don’t all submit mine. Thank you.


I sent you three sentences each in the following languages, please let me know if you received them ok!
Hindi, Punjabi, Swedish, Hungarian, Spanish and Portuguese!

All the best!

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@MacForADay I just sent your american accent in mp3 format to Polyphemus!!


Yes, got them. They work fine. Thank you.


I can do English and Hindi, so I’ll send some in tonight


I’ve downloaded the video. I was just about to extract the audio - looks like I don’t need to.